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This alliance merged with the SOS Brigade to form the Bal Masqué.

Merger occurred on/around April 17, 2012

Paraguas flag

Paraguas Official Flag
Paraguas Motto: Pasaremos! No pasarán!
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) Roquentin
Founded 26/2/2011
  • El Gran Parasol: Roquentin
  • El Regente Paraguense: xoindotnler
  • El Parasol de Guerra: Unkajo
  • El Parasol de Extranjeros: WANA
  • El Parasol de Financia: Leerjet
International relations



AllianceStats Statistics as of March 21, 2012

Total Nations 19
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 15,781
Nukes 89
Score 1.43
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Paraguas was a small alliance on the black team.

Constitución de ParaguasEdit

Preamble: Recognizing that there is a need for an authentic Umbrella, Paraguas has been formed. The main principles are meritocracy, unified decision-making, and a commitment to prosperity.

Pasaremos! No pasarán!

Constitución de Paraguas

I. El Gran ParasolEdit

The Grand Parasol is the ultimate authority in the alliance. Nothing can happen without his say s unless he has vested authority in others to do so in his absence. Changes to the charter can occur at any time according to his/her will.

a. The Grand Parasol serves until death or resignation

b. If the Grand Parasol, takes a leave an absence, he can retake the throne at any time, provided he is active enough: i.e. maintaining a consistent IRC and Forum presence.

II. El Regente ParaguenseEdit

a. The Regent is the second-in-command of the alliance and the right hand of the Grand Parasol. In his absence, he is the final authority.

III. El Parasol de FinanciaEdit

The Parasol of Finance is the economic master of the alliance .

IV. El Parasol de GuerraEdit

The Parasol of War has control over the defense ministry.

V. El Parasol de ExtranjerosEdit

The Parasol of Foreigners conducts foreign affairs on behalf of the alliance, along with the Grand Parasol and the Regent.

Addendum: Admissions are to be handled by the Grand Parasol and the Regent. Applicants must show a willingness to commit to the alliance. Short-term stays are frowned upon. A declaration of intent and an IRC interview is all that is required.

Negras tormentas agitan los aires nubes oscuras nos impiden ver Aunque nos espere el dolor y la muerte contra el enemigo nos llama el deber. El bien más preciado es la libertad hay que defenderla con fe y valor. Alza la bandera revolucionaria que del triunfo sin cesar nos lleva en pos Alza la bandera revolucionaria que del triunfo sin cesar nos lleva en pos En pie el pueblo obrero a la batalla hay que derrocar a la reacción ¡A las Barricadas! ¡A las Barricadas! por el triunfo de la Paraguas. ¡A las Barricadas! ¡A las Barricadas! por el triunfo de las Paraguas.

Why a heavily dictatorial set up if it has anarchist undertones? Well, the material conditions on Digiterra are much laxer than elsewhere and the level of care on the individual will vary. No one is inherently oppressed simply by being in an alliance. To demonstrate a further desire for eclecticism: ¡Viva la Muerte!

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