Palace of Quarthe
Palast der Quarthe
LocationQuarthe, Germany, Prussian Empire
OwnerOffice of the Chief of General Staff
Current tenantsAlfred von Schliefen
Inaugurated25 May 2009
Cost7,851,219 DM

The Palace of Quarthe (German: Der Palast der Quarthe) is the residence of the Chief of General Staff Alfred von Schliefen, as well as serving as the meeting place for the Imperial Senate and the Council of Ministers. Recently, the Palace has become the residence of government leaders-in-exile such as Justin Vuong, Charles Ehrenberg, and Zabuza Hashimoto. While each governments-in-exile differ in activity operations, all are generally protected and supported by the Prussian Empire. The longest-residing exile is Justin Vuong who also possesses dual citizenship to the Dominion. The Palace is located in the administrative capital of Quarthe in the state of Germany in the Imperial Dominion of Prussia.

Construction was began on November 20, 2008, when then Minister of Justice of Tenarra Alfred von Schliefen ordered its creation not long before the beginning of the Tenarran Civil War. Since, von Schliefen has declared the building to not only be a residence to the Chief of General Staff, but also to serve as a building for legislative bodies. The cost of the construction totaled nearly 8 million Deutsche Marks, with approximately 7 months of construction.

Upon completion of the building, it was inaugurated and prepared for use by Alfred von Schliefen, as well as to serve as the permanent meeting-place of the Imperial Senate and the Council of Ministers. The Palace is protected by an elite unit of the Prussian National Army.

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