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Padraic Kelly
Pat Breen-2009

1st President of the United Republic of Ireland
In office
29th August 2011 – present
Preceded by Position Established

Born November 23, 1962 (Age 49)
Ireland Galway, Ireland
Nationality Ireland Irish
Political party Irish Nationalist Party
Spouse Siobhan Kelly
Children Daniel Kelly
Residence Presidential Palace, Dublin
Alma mater University College Dublin
Religion Roman Catholicism

Padraic Kelly (b. November 23, 1962) is the current and first President of the United Republic of Ireland, having taken office on the 29th August 2011 following victory in the controversial 2011 All Ireland Presidential election. Kelly served as the Mayor of Galway for 3 years until he resigned following the Presidential Election.

Kelly is an Irish Politician and author. He served in the Irish Air Force for 16 years, retiring at the rank of Colonel.

Early lifeEdit

Kelly was born in Dublin but moved to Galway at the age of 2. Kelly was educated at St. Berry's Primary and Secondary school but at the age 17, he moved to Dublin to study Law at the University College Dublin. He graduated with a foundation degree a few years later. Kelly decided not to pursue a career in Law but instead, a career in the military.

Military ServiceEdit

At the age of 24, Kelly joined the Irish Air Force. He served in Lebanon and Somali and was awarded the second highest commendation medal in the Irish Military for his part in Operation Rush Hour. He retired from the Army at the age of 41 where he then decided to turn his attention to politics.

Political careerEdit

Kelly originally joined the Labour party but he then left to become an independent politician. He was elected for a seat in the House of Comhdhail in 2006 after becoming a TD for the city of Galway. Kelly was appointed the Mayor of Galway in December 2008 following the death of the previous Mayor. He remained the mayor until he resigned following the 2011 All Ireland Presidential Election.

2011 All Ireland Presidential ElectionEdit

Kelly ran for election as the nominee for the Irish Nationalist Party and was a favourite from the start. 3 days before the election, a mock poll showed that Kelly was in the lead with 41% of votes. Kelly won the election with 36% of votes on the 29th August 2011.


Kelly was inaugurated as President of Ireland in Dublin on August 29, 2011.

Personal lifeEdit

Kelly currently resides in the Presidential Palace in Dublin with his wife Siobhan and son Daniel. Kelly is a big soccer fan and supports Dublin FC. He enjoys attending football matches and going to church. Kelly is a Catholic and he attends Church every Sunday at the Presidential Palace. He regularly visits his parents who live in Galway and his brother Richie who lives in Belfast.

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