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ODN Official Flag

ODN Emblem
ODN Motto: We the Few, We the Proud, We the ORANGE!!!
Team Color Orange team Orange
Founder(s) Pope Hope
Founded 02/12/06


Assistant Secretary-General

Secretary of Defense

Secretary of State

Secretary of the Interior

Secretary of Economics

Other Officials

Senate LXVI



Orange Senate Mr. Shadow of Shadow
International relations

See below

Treaty Room - ODN Forums

AllianceStats Statistics as of May 11th, 2019

Total Nations 56
Strength 6,968,908
Avg. Strength 124,445
Nukes 978
Aid Efficiency 41 / 331 (12.39%)
Rank 7
Score 29.71
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The Orange Defense Network (ODN) is a premier alliance in Cyber Nations with a rich democratic history. Founded by Pope Hope in February 2006, it is the oldest alliance in the orange sphere, the longest continually sanctioned alliance, and the largest democracy in Cyber Nations.

The ODN is known for its outstanding economic programs that focus on individual growth for the betterment of the alliance. The ODN actively seeks trades with other orange alliances and strives for orange solidarity through its friendships with its orange allies. Although the alliance contains individual nations, the alliance acts collectively to obtain a highly integrated economic community.

In the ODN's mission statement, it is stated that the ODN strives for friendship, fidelity, and familiarity, so as to preserve peace. Although the alliance is peaceful, it will act to protect its members and allies from attack. The ODN preserves a symbiotic relationship between the members, so that each will benefit the other. This is reflected by the nature of the government. In democracy the government is the people, and the people are lead by the government each according to their own merit.

The current ODN government is headed by Overlord Shinnra as the Secretary General of the alliance. The Secretary General acts as the figurehead for the alliance and represents the ODN on the world stage. Although the Secretary General is the leader, the General Assembly of the ODN wields all sovereign authority.

The Citrus Declaration 2.0 Edit

Main article: Charter of the Orange Defense Network

The Citrus Declaration 2.0 is the legal framework for the ODN. The declaration (commonly referred to as "the charter") outlines membership criteria, government etiquette and government restraints. The ODN's laws can be altered through charter amendments and through legislation (the procedure for legislation creating is outlined in the charter), hence the importance of the charter to the ODN.

The ODN has many charters in its time- but the Citrus Declaration 2.0 is by far the longest standing. The charter was drafted under Pingu's gaze in 2007. The original drafters were Mnemnoth Blackclaw (Chair), Golan 1st, Dr. Hrmmm, Sunstar, WalkerNinja and Peth Avenfield. Since then- although the charter has been edited and changed- it has kept the form and spirit it had when originally written.

History of the ODNEdit

Main article: History of the Orange Defense Network

The History of the ODN is long and complex. The first 6 months of history has been completed by Dr. Hrmmm. The ODN has, for most of its history, been at the forefront of global politics and has been seen by many as a 'swing' alliance due to its friendships across the treaty web and therefore importance in global conflicts. As a result-the ODN has a both a rich and controversial history.

Culture of the ODNEdit

Main article: Culture of the Orange Defense Network

The ODN is well known for its democracy. Unlike most alliances, the GA also discusses alliance policy and global events in the Department of Discourse and Joint Staff Room- as well as on the active private IRC channels. This is because the GA are considered to be the rulers of the alliance- and so the GA must discuss the issues in the alliance. The GA has the final (and often the initial) say on almost all issues in the ODN.

On the less official side of things- the ODN is known for its OOC forums, especially Pingu's pub and the Spam Forum. These two forums are well known to diplomats due to their high activity rate and 'post-count building' functions.

Departments of the ODNEdit

The Secretary General of the ODN is charged with appointing four secretaries to oversee the day-to-day running of the alliance. These secretaries include Defense, State, Interior (commonly referred to as "Invisibility") and Economics. The Secretary is in charge of their department (confirmed by the senate and under the oversight of the Secretary General) and can appoint deputies to assist them.

The Defense DepartmentEdit

Defense is headed by masterofwind. As its name suggests, the defense department is charged with defending the ODN and its allies against aggressors whether they be rogues or hostile alliances. The defense department is very organized and fast working. It consists of Bear Battalion, Creepy Lurker Legion, Nasicournian Guard, and the Ravenrock Regiment. Each that has is own NS range and Officers. All problems are reported and the responses are fast with the active members in each department.

Odn bird 2 Defense Department

The State DepartmentEdit

The State Department is headed by Zaxon. The purpose of the State department is to establish relationships with other alliances and to maintain relationships with the ODN's allies. The Department employs diplomats to do this. Senior Diplomats divide up the alliances and diplomats between them. This way each alliance gets a 'spread' of diplomats assigned to them. Each DSoS has a different responsibility, including PR, departmental logistics, and acquirement of tech.

The State department is also responsible for "diplo rushes", monitoring the external image of the alliance, and encouraging IRC activity.

Odn bird 2 State Department
N/A Vitsen

The Interior DepartmentEdit

The current Secretary of the Interior is Badpoet. The Interior Department is in charge of the internal organization of the ODN. The Secretary and his deputies deal with culture, communication, recruitment, admissions, the entrance academy and, to an extent, tech deals within the alliance.

The head of the department is often referred to as the "Secretary of Invisibility" due to the behind-the-scenes nature of the position.

Odn bird 2 Interior Department
Shyansworld Missblue D3aDp0oL53

The Economics DepartmentEdit

The current Secretary of Economics is PeachesIII. The economics department is in charge of the growth of ODN nations. It assists in the finding of trades, advice on nation growth, aid programs and tech dealing. The department is also responsible for the ODN banking system, nation growth programs, and statistics collecting (Watchtower).

Odn bird 2 Economic Department
Drax Examus

War HistoryEdit

War Who Outcome Ribbon
Citrus War ODN vs. NPO ODN Defeat ODNCitrus War
BF1942 War ODN vs. BF1942 ODN Victory Bf1942
Great War I ODN and CoaLUEtion vs. NPO and NpO ODN Victory ODNGW1
Great War III ODN vs. Goon Order of Neutral Shoving ODN Defeat ODNGWIII
The Unjust War ODN vs Goon Order of Neutral Shoving and \m/ ODN Victory ODN UJW
GATO-1V War ODN vs. CSN ODN Victory ODN GATO-1V war
War of the Coalition ODN vs. Vox Populi ODN Victory ODNWotC
Karma ODN vs. FEAR, Wolfpack, UCN and NATO ODN Victory KarmaODN
TOP-CnG War ODN vs. TOP, IRON, DAWN, TORN, TSO, Carthage, GUN and FEAR ODN Victory TOP CnG ribbon
NEW-DF War ODN vs. FEAR, Europa, Paragon ODN Victory FEARwar ribbon
DH-NPO WarODN vs. 64Digits, Kerberos Nexus, CoJ, Legion ODN Victory Legiontier0
C&G-MHA WarODN vs. Mostly Harmless Alliance, Knights of Ni! ODN Victory New-war-ribbon-3
Dave WarODN vs. Sparta, Legion, CRAP, MCXA, NADC, and CCC ODN Victory Warribbonoldstyle
Equilibrium WarODN vs. Equilibrium ODN Defeat EQwar
Disorder WarODN vs. CCC, NpO, NPL, Fark, TTK and Alpha Omega White Peace DisOrder Medal

Treaties Edit

List of Current TreatiesEdit

Treaty Type Treaty Partners Status Date
The Orange Army Pact (link) MDoAP Int-big The International Disband Aug 24, 2009
Complaints and Grievances Union MDAP bloc C&G Active Jan 18, 2010
Los Accuerdos de Gatos de Naranja (link) MDoAP Gatoflag2 Global Alliance and Treaty Organization Active April 13, 2010
The OsRavan Can Finally Leave His House Accords (link) MDoAP New MK Flag Mushroom Kingdom Disband Oct 29, 2010
Orange-Flavored Baby Pact MnDoAP NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order Active April 13, 2013
The Orange SLAP's Leave Bruises Accords Protectorate Slapflag Sovereign League of Armed Powers Active 22 April 2013
ODN-Atlas Protectorate (link) Protectorate Atlas Flag CP Atlas Upgrade September 26th, 2013
The Better Call Kenny Loggins Accords (part1) (part2) MnDoAP NATO NATO Active January 22, 2014
Indiana Jones and the Orange of Doom (link) ODoAP Doom Squad Doom Squad Active February 6, 2014
Making Friends in Unexpected Places (link) ODoAP Flag of The Templar Knights The Templar Knights Active February 24, 2014
The Zombie Treaty of Scary Orange Caek (link) ODoAP Fearflag Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics Active March 16, 2014
The Citrus Express 2.0 (link) MnDoAP Rnrflag6 R&R Active March 17, 2014
Vodka and Oranges (link) MnDoAP Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance STA Active April 17, 2014
Atlas - ODN MDoAP (link) MnDoAP Atlas Flag CP Atlas Active May 9, 2014
ODN - Zulu NAP (link) NAP Zulu Flag Zulu Active May 11, 2014

ODN Visual Treaty WebEdit

ODN Galaxy Map

Government and Elected Officials of the ODNEdit

Current GovernmentEdit

Odn bird 2 Cabinet

Secretary General

Assistant Secretary General

Secretary of Defense

Secretary of State

Secretary of the Interior

Secretary of Economics
masterofwind Zaxon Badpoet PeachesIII
Odn bird 2 Senate
bucovina Hawspiper1983 Peonn Razorpara Stealthypenguin93
Odn bird 2 Judiciary
DylanLusk Emperor Melis Shyansworld
Odn bird 2 Ombudsman

ODN Government History Full - November 09

Historic GovernmentEdit

Main article: Government history of the Orange Defense Network

On the right is an image created by former ODN Secretary General Sunstar of the entire ODN government from the ODN's formation to its current government. The table omits any appointments that lasted for less than 10 days.

1 pixel = 1 day.

ODN Picture Gallery Edit

See alsoEdit

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