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This alliance merged with Valhalla and BAPS to form Anarchy Inc..

Merger occurred on/around July 6, 2012
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Note: This AA is under the protection of Anarchy Inc.


Olympus Official Flag
Olympus Motto: Pede poena claudo (unofficial)
Team Color Purple team Purple
Founder(s) queenhailee, martys_three_girls, Mississippigurlie, Buffalo Niagara
Founded December 8, 2008

Council of Potentates
Potentate of Foreign Affairs

Potentate of Internal Affairs

Potentate of Treasury

Potentate of Defense


Titan Council and Advisors

AllianceStats Statistics as of May 22, 2012

Total Nations 63
Strength 3,267,855
Avg. Strength 51,871
Nukes 1,208
Aid Efficiency 216 / 364 (59.34%)
Rank 39
Score 12.37
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Olympus is an established alliance on Bob, created with the express purpose of promoting growth and fellowship in a family atmosphere. Members are encouraged to be active and participate in all programs supporting the core beliefs of Olympus and of purple as a whole.

Olympus Charter Edit

Main article: Olympus Charter

Section 1. PreambleEdit

Olympus is a union of CyberNations rulers dedicated to the values of community, activity, cooperation, respect, growth, excellence, and honesty. We are not just an alliance, but every one of us is part of the family. Each of us will strive to uphold these values in our daily interactions with fellow Olympians as well as with all CyberNations players no matter their alliance affiliation. Each of us is obligated by our charter to uphold these core values and to strive for the protection and good of our community in all we do.

History Edit

See also: History of Olympus

The Fourth YearEdit

January, 2012 Olympus and Guru Order reach peace. Sparta surrenders to BAPS and Olympus and ceases hostilities with the rest of the coalition. FARK and FAN cease hostilities with the coalition.

May 2, 2012 Olympus becomes the sixth alliance to join the Duckroll Project.

Olympian ConflictsEdit

International Relations Edit

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