Flag of Organization XIII

Official Flag of Oblivion
Team Color White team White
  • Muddog of Rural Route 3
Founded TBA
  • The Shadow: George3
  • The Darkness: KingofSpades
  • The Sorrow: Vacant
  • The Fear: Vacant
  • The Pain: Vacant
International relations
  • Protectorate of APP

Alliance affiliations:

  • Oblivion
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Oblivion is a Mix team alliance. It was founded on September 2, 2010.

Government Offices Edit

Office of The Shadow: The Shadow is the highest ruling and government official in the alliance. The Shadows duties oversee all aspects of the alliance, be it foreign or domestic. The Shadow retains the power to approve or reject treaties, declare war and any other issues of foreign and/or internal affairs.

Office of The Darkness: The Darkness is the second highest authority in the alliance. The Darkness, in the absence of The Shadow, retains all powers and privileges of The Shadow.

The Office of Implosion: The Sorrow is head of the Office of Implosion and his/her main duties lie in internal affairs. They are responsible for the recruitment of new members as well as setting up and maintaining tech deals and trade circles

The Office of Explosion: The Fear, head of the Office of Explosion, is the main authority concerning foreign affairs. He/she is responsible for the recruitment and training of diplomats for the alliance. He/she is also responsible for the maintenance of embassies and together with The Shadow and The Darkness, reviews treaties for approval or rejection

The Office of Devastation: The Pain is head of the Office of Devastation and his/her duties require him/her to maintain the security of the alliance, be it foreign or domestic. The Pain is often charged with assigning members to brigades. War strategies also fall under the duties of The Pain.

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