This alliance has disbanded as of September 23, 2009.
Novus Ordo Virtus Artis

Flag of NOVA
NOVA Motto: Flying in on a big ball of flame!
Team Color Yellow team Yellow
Founder(s) HM4A1
Founded 27th of August 2008
Yellow Senate HM4A1

AllianceStats Statistics as of 8/06/09

Total Nations 35
Strength 714,078
Avg. Strength 20,402
Nukes 78
Score 2.80
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NOVA or Novus Ordo Virtus Artis was founded on August 27, 2008.


NOVA was initially a reform of AFS. The government and several other members felt the alliance needed a new look to reestablish itself in the cyberverse. Hopefully with the new name, look and forums the alliance could rediscover the recruiting drive that existed during the early days of AFS. The reformation of NOVA was a difficult process and required careful planning. The first challenge was finding a new name. Deciding on AFS was difficult and it was much the same with NOVA. After constant debate on the AFS forums, HM4A1 put aside all complaints and debate and he and Gabba202 went off to make serious discussion of the new name. After several hours NOVA had been declared and was totally embraced on the forums. Now the reformation could properly get underway. Slowly the new forums were constructed by HM4A1, and when 90% of AFS had moved to NOVA the alliance made its official announcement which was well received and supported by allies and foreign peoples alike.

Karma WarEdit

NOVA in aid of The Shadow Confederacy declared war on Tempest and on the same day peaced with them.


  • 27 August 2008- NOVA becomes official
  • 2 September 2008- NOVA passes 3 Score!


The members of NOVA are a tight group of friends. Although the activity is a little low, the active members are all friendly, helpful and provide great entertainment. They participate in games, chat and just have fun! NOVA now has it's very own soccer competition too, the NOVA Championship. The competition has 10 competing members, all from NOVA.



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