Northwest Socialist Republic
National Flag
Map of the NSR
Capital Vancouver
Official Languages English, French
Demonym Northwesterner
Government Single-party state
- Secretary Manuel Espada
- Succession from
Caribou Federation

May 5, 2080
Total Area 1,122,000 sq mi
- Total Population
- Military Personnel

Currency Northwest dollar
Literacy Rate 100%
Time Zone UTC -8/-7

The Northwest Socialist Republic or NSR is nation in northwestern North America. It seceded from the Caribou Federation in 2080.


The NSR consists of the former Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Manitoba, as well as the former American states of Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota.


Prior to secession from the Federation the territory was once administered by Federation of Disparu and then Pravus Inguro.

In 2080, the oil-reliant economy of the Caribou Federation began to collapse. The economic turmoil sent the citizens to the streets in revolt. Ernesto Espada, Secretary of the Espadas Rojas, the controlling party of the SSR had begun to make an impact with college students in the area. Agents of the party formed a franchise of the Espadas Rojas in the Federation. Espada encouraged his cousin, Manuel Espada to become chairman of the party in the new state to be known as the Northwest Socialist Republic.

A year later, in 2081, North America became engaged in the Grand Mexican War. The NSR was part of the Coalition for a Better America. Together with California, the NSR defeated the Caribou Federation, and added Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut to its territorial holdings.

Government and PoliticsEdit

The NSR is a Single-party state in which the Espadas Rojas, a socialist party, controls the government in its entirety. The Secretary of the Espadas Rojas serves as the head of state for the nation.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The NSR has very strong relations with the SSR. Although independent, the NSR policies are heavily influenced by the policies of the SSR. The NSR also has good relations with North Mexico, California, and the North American Commonwealth.

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