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Team Color Maroon team Maroon
Founded June 14, 2011

  • Caustic
  • Erwin Schrodinger
  • Ying Yang Mafia

  • King Xander
  • MikeTheFirst
  • Old man Derwood1
  • Steve Buscemi
  • Stewie
  • dane0
  • Lord Nettles
  • Abshire
  • ncc
Maroon Senate Steve Buscemi
International relations

Treaties: See below


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Non Grata (NG) is a formely sanctioned Maroon alliance that was founded on June 14, 2011, by a merger of Poison Clan and iFOK. Members of Non Grata are referred to as NGers.

On the July 17, 2011 it expanded further by absorbing Hydra and Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes after those two alliances disbanded.

On November 22, 2011, Non Grata further consolidated their position by absorbing Team Rocket, the protectorate they acquired from the Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes as a result of their annexation.

On May 10, 2012 Non Grata secured their spot as one of the premier alliances in CN by absorbing their long time ally the FOK and becoming the second largest alliance by score.


Preamble – In the interest of security, camaraderie, and community, we the members of Non Grata declare our existence as a black team alliance.

Article I: MembershipEdit

  • Admission to Non Grata may be granted if the following requirements are met:
    • 1. Applicant shows a willingness to learn and advance within the ranks of Non Grata.
    • 2. Applicant is not a member of any other alliance or on any other alliance’s ZI (zero infrastructure) list.
    • 3. Applicant is not involved in any current wars.
    • 4. Applicant agrees to abide by the rules set forth in this charter.

Article II: GovernmentEdit

  • The government of Non Grata consists of three main bodies, assisted with two additional bodies that operate on similar levels.
  • Main Bodies
  • The Triumvirate is the ruling body of Non Grata, consisting of three members that are in charge of all decision making in the alliance. The triumvirate is an appointed body, and any new triumvirs are appointed by the current body. The triumvirate will make an effort to seek approval from the membership and other government members in regards to decisions that affect the alliance. The triumvirate does not, however, need to consult the membership in times of war regarding treaty obligations due to the need to be decisive.
  • The Ministers are an executive body of Non Grata tasked with managing and performing the day-to-day activities in the alliance. The Ministries of Non Grata include Foreign Affairs, Defense, Recruitment & Education, Trades & Growth, and Tech. Ministers are appointed by the triumvirate, and may be replaced at any time if it is felt necessary by the triumvirate. Ministers report directly to the triumvirate, and may appoint their own deputy ministers.
  • The Conclave are a legislative body of Non Grata tasked with discussing and proposing legislation and other important issues concerning the alliance. Conclave members are appointed by the Triumvirate, and are typically members of the alliance that have demonstrated advanced expertise in many areas of the game, including politics, nation building, and military affairs. The triumvirate, advisors, and the ministers are also members of the Conclave. Conclave members generally serve continuously unless the triumvirate feels they are no longer contributing at a reasonable level, at which time they may be removed.
  • Additional Bodies
  • The Advisors are an advisory body that operates at the same level as the triumvirate. The Advisors do not hold any actual authority within the alliance; their task is simply to provide expert advice to the triumvirate. Advisors are appointed for life by the triumvirate until they step down from the role or leave the alliance. Advisors are generally long-time government members that hold a vast wealth of expertise in all areas of the game.
  • The Deputy Ministers are an executive body that assists the ministers in performing tasks. Deputy ministers are appointed by the ministers, but can be removed by the triumvirate if deemed inappropriate. Deputy Ministers are the only government body that does not automatically gain access to the Conclave, due to being the only body not appointed by the triumvirate. However, the triumvirate may still appoint deputy ministers to the Conclave if it feels it is warranted.

Article III: WarEdit

  • Declarations of war by Non Grata are executed by the triumvirate. This includes all wars, be they nation vs. nation or alliance vs. alliance. Nuclear first strikes are at the discretion of the triumvirate.

Article IV: RaidingEdit

  • Non Grata allows the practice of raiding. Raiding rules will be made available for public viewing on our forum for all interested parties. Any questions or concerns regarding the alliance's raiding policies should be directed to the government of Non Grata.

Article V: Acceptable BehaviorEdit

  • Members are expected to act responsibly and courteous to each other and our allies. Common sense and basic decency are requirements for membership. Anyone that goes well beyond these simple rules will be expelled by the triumvirate.

Article VI: Leaving the AllianceEdit

  • Any member that wishes to leave Non Grata may do so at any time by posting in the resignations forum, provided the alliance is not in war or under terms resulting from a war, and does not have any unpaid debts. Failure to satisfy these conditions will result in military action against the member.

Article VII: AmendmentsEdit

  • Amendments to this document are at the discretion of the triumvirate.


War HistoryEdit

War Participants Outcome Notes
NG-UPN War Non Grata vs. United Purple Nations Victory UPN paid reparations to Venomous Larvae.
NG-SOS団 War Non Grata vs. SOS Brigade Victory white peace given to all SOS Brigade members except Arrnea.
Kaskus-NG War Non Grata vs. Kaskus Victory Kaskus paid reparations to Non Grata.
Fark-NPO War Non Grata vs. Farkistan and The Apparatus Victory Fark admits defeat and surrenders to Non Grata and the coalition.
NG-AGWO War Non Grata vs. AGW Overlords Tech Raid Non Grata does not officially recognize the NG-AGWO War as a war but rather a tech raid.
GOONS-MONGOLS War Non Grata vs. Kaskus and MONGOLS Victory Kaskus and MONGOLS agree to pay reps to GOONS.
Dave War Non Grata vs. Random Insanity Alliance, AGW Overlords, Global Order of Darkness, Bal Masque, The Templar Knights, Unita Societatem and The Apparatus Victory RIA, AGWO, GOD, BM, TTK, App, and US all surrender to Non Grata and the coalition.
Equilibrium War Non Grata vs. The Templar Knights, North Atlantic Defense Coalition, New Polar Order, Mostly Harmless Alliance, Farkistan, Christian Coalition of Countries, CRAP, Multicolored Cross-X Alliance Defeat Non Grata and DH Coalition admit defeat and surrender to Equilibrium
oA War Non Grata vs. The Order of the Paradox, Umbrella, Viridian Entente, League of Small Superpowers, Mortal Wombat, Disciples of Destruction, United Purple Nations, Mostly Harmless Alliance Defeat Non Grata and Nordreich (2nd) surrender to the coalition
Doom War Non Grata vs. New Polar Order Farkistan Mostly Harmless Alliance Sparta Supernova X Victory NpO and allies agree to peace and withdraw from war
Supernova X Raids Non Grata vs. Supernova X Tech Raid Non Grata does not officially recognize the Supernova X Raids as a war but rather a tech raid.
Oculus–MI6 War Oculus vs. MI6, The Phoenix Federation, Siberian Tiger Alliance Victory MI6, TPF and STA surrender to Oculus, MI6 admits responsibility for war beginning.
Sengoku-SPATR War Oculus vs. SPATR, MONGOLS, Kaskus, NEW Ongoing
(Another) Limitless Nexus-Kashmir War Non Grata vs. Kashmir Victory
The "For Steve!" War Oculus vs. MI6, Sparta, NADC Ongoing

International relations Edit

Active TreatiesEdit

Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Status Signed
(link) TBC1 The Bear Cavalry Active June 4, 2016
(link) FARK Flag Fark Active March 31, 2016
Ok we both like fishing so let’s fish together (link) MDoAP Rnrflag6 R&R Active January 24, 2016
Frozen Venom Accords (link) MnDoAP NpOFlag7 New Polar Order Active Jan 8, 2016
SDS Protectorate (link) Protectorate SDSflag Seven Days in the Sun Active Sep 6, 2015
Flag of Oculus Novus Ordo Seclorum (link) Bloc Umbrella, IRON, NPO, Sengoku, AB, GLOF, DT, VE Active August 31, 2015
SPECTRE (link) MnDoAP IRONflag IRON Active July 24, 2015
g23 paxilon hydrochlorate pact (link) ODoAP Reavers Reavers Active Sep 9, 2014
The Unwelcome Suspects MDoAP NATO NATO Active Aug 19, 2014
The Unwanted and Brown Accords (link) ODP Gatoflag2 GATO Active Mar 14, 2014
Artigo-Rakshasas Powerlifting Accords (link) ODoAP Flag of DBDC Doombird Doomcave Active Nov 3, 2013
A Treaty You Still Can't Refuse (link) MDoAP NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order Active Nov 12, 2012
Merger Madness 2.0 (link) MDoAP TLRflagwavemaroon-blue The Last Remnants Active July 31, 2011
The Carnivore Accords (link) MDoAP Flag of Nordreich Nordreich Active Sept 19, 2011
One Big Happy Family Accords (link) NAP / Senate Maroon Alliances Active Sept 11, 2014

Previous TreatiesEdit

Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Status Valid from Valid until
The Peace in Our Time Treaty (link) ODoAP Doom Kingdom Flag Doom Kingdom (originally Doom Squad) Defunct (link) Feb 11, 2014 April 16, 2016
We Caught a Big One Accords (link) ODoAP Rnrflag6 R&R Upgraded (link) July 16, 2015 January 24, 2016
The Disastrous Father Accords 2.0 (link) MnDoAP NSOWhite New Sith Order Cancelled (link) Dec 16, 2012 Jan 10, 2016
Central Grata Powers (no link) Economic Agreement CentralPowersFlag Central Powers Defunct May 31, 2013
There and Back Again (link) MnDoAP Flag of Valhalla Valhalla Cancelled (link) May 10, 2013 Dec 27, 2013
NG-Valhalla Protection (link) Protectorate Flag of Valhalla Valhalla Upgraded (link) Apr 11, 2013 May 11, 2013
The Disastrous Father Accords (link) ODoAP NSOWhite New Sith Order Upgraded (link) Oct 9, 2012 Dec 12, 2012
A treaty you can't refuse (link) ODoAP NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order Upgraded (link) May 4, 2012 Nov 12, 2012
NG-MK MDoAP (link) MDoAP New MK Flag Mushroom Kingdom Defunct (link) Nov 10, 2011 Sep 16, 2013
Maroon Economic Attack Treaty Econ/ODP TLR, MK, NSO Cancelled Sept 28, 2011 Mar 28, 2014
The Forge Accords (link) MDoAP IRONflag IRON Downgraded Sept 19, 2011
The Forge Accords (link) ODoAP IRONflag IRON Upgraded (link) July 31, 2011 Sep 19, 2011
Pandora's Box (PC/iFOK) (NG) MDoAP bloc VE, Umbrella, GOONS, FOK Withdrew (link) Jun 14, 2011 Apr 25, 2012

Blocs Edit

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