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New Sith Order
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Current Flag of the New Sith Order

First Flag of New Sith Order

Current Flag of the New Sith Order - Vector
NSO Motto: Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Team Color White team White
Founder(s) Ivan Moldavi
Founded March 5, 2009
Emperor: Joe Stupid

Darth Council:

Prophets of the Dark Side

Council of Exaltation

Sith Inquisition

Council of Cultivation

  • - , Sith Master
    • - , Sith Marauder
    • - , Sith Marauder
White Senate Pyroman of Tinderscape (NSO)

AllianceStats Statistics as of October 12, 2015

Total Nations 80 (-)
Strength 3,205,611 (-)
Avg. Strength 40,070 (+)
Nukes 1,116 (-)
Aid Efficiency 38.46% (+)
Rank 37 (-2)
Score 14.28 (-)
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New Sith Order is a medium sized alliance on the White team (formerly Brown and Maroon). It was founded by Ivan Moldavi on March 5th, 2009.

Codex of the New Sith Order

Declaration of Intent

We, the undersigned nations, agree to uphold the principles of the Order, assist our fellow members in times of conflict and push for the betterment of all through whatever means necessary.

The Dark Army is based in the White trading sphere but will consider nations from any color provided they meet the Dark Lord and Darth Council's requirements for admission as Acolytes of the Order.

Structure of the Order

Sith Emperor

The Sith Emperor is the sovereign lord of the alliance. He is the ultimate arbiter of law and diplomacy. He reserves the right to delegate these responsibilities as he sees fit. The Emperor serves until he steps down or is overthrown by his betters from within the Darth Council.

Darth Council

Dark Lord

The Dark Lord oversees the Darth Council. He is empowered with the Emperors will and confidence, and will succeed him in all matters. In times of the Emperor's disappearance, the Dark Lord takes temporary command until his return or a set period of time.

Imperator Emeritus

Having ascended to the ultimate level of mastery and beyond, the Imperator Emeritus holds an eternal place amongst the Council. From every corner of the universe, the Emeritus voice can be heard unless it is determined that they would cause harm, insecurity or destabilization to the alliance.

Sith Lords

The Sith Lords will oversee the day to day operation of the alliance, assist the Dark Lord in matters of state and conduct the affairs of the Dark Army in times of war.

Brotherhood of Darkness

The Brotherhood of Darkness consists of all Acolytes, Cultivation Officers, Inquisitors and Exalters; the Masters, their Apprentice & Marauder and Prophets. The Brotherhood of Darkness will serve as the heart and soul of the Dark Army, leading the global push to uphold the principles of the New Sith Order. The Sith Mauraders and Masters are elected by the Acolytes to serve as their marshals in times of war and their advisers in times of peace. The Prophet of the Dark Side consists of those former Sith Lords whom served a term worthy by the Emperor.

Admittance to the Order

Any nation seeking admission into the Order must post their intent in the appropriate location with the requested information and the following declaration:

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Order shall set me free.

History of the Sith

Main article: Sith Holocrons

The history of the Sith Order is one of strife and terror. The Sith have a long tradition of spreading their malevolent ways across the Cyberverse. Only in March 2010 did Sith historians uncover the Sith Holocrons that detail such a past.

Sith Imperial High Government

At the top of the Sith Empire is the Sith Emperor himself. He single-handedly rules the New Sith Order with an iron fist. Of course, it is impossible for the Emperor to rule the entirety of Sith Space by himself. Out of this need for divided governance, the Darth Council is born.

The Darth Council is led by the Dark Lord of the Sith. Originally, before the rise of the Sith as an Empire, it was the Dark Lord of the Sith who reigned over the New Sith Order. It was former Dark Lord Ivan Moldavi, through sheer will, rose to the throne of the Sith Emperor and established the Sith Order as an imperial regime. And so the Dark Lord of the Sith became the Sith Emperor's second in command. This does not mean that the Dark Lord can make decisions on behalf of the Emperor. Should that he even contradict the Emperor himself, it is the Emperor's words that are final. However, the Dark Lord can act as the temporary de facto leader of the Sith when the Sith Emperor is incapacitated to do so.

The rest of the Darth Council is consisted of the Sith Lords and the Prophets of the Dark Side. Both Sith Lords and Prophets play advisory roles to decision making by the Sith Emperor. At the same time, they also work oversight in the Sith Councils. Certain Sith Lords may lead certain Councils in a general direction, as well as provide administrative support. While the Sith Emperor leads, the Sith Lords point the way.

The Prophets of the Dark are retired members of the Darth Council, or former Emperors. In the case of former Sith Emperors, they are also regarded as Imperator Emeritus. Prophets play a purely advisory role in the Sith Order. They have no decision making capabilities, although they tend to give administrative support when requested upon.


Emperors of the New Sith Order
NSOWhite Ivan Moldavi · LintWad · Heggo · Heft · youwish959 · Rayvon · KirstenMichelle NSOWhite

Sith Councils

Below the Darth Council, there are three ruling councils of the Sith Order. Each council plays a pseudo-bureaucratic role in their individual fields. The councils are led by a Master Sith Marauder, whose role is to dictate the direction of his/her council. Below the Master Sith Marauders are the Sith Marauders, each leading an individual section of the council.

Sith Inquisition

The military machine of the Sith Order does not maintain itself without some semblance of organization. It is the primary job of the Sith Inquisition to constantly prepare the Dark Army for war. Beyond making sure each Sith keeps a strong economy, growth through tech and trades, and sizable warchest; the officers of the Sith Inquisition organize combat operations, ghost busting, tactical analysis, intelligence operations, rogue defense, and develop overall macro strategies for every potential war scenario.

The Dark Army is organized into several battalions. Each battalion is led by a Battalion Commander, who is sometimes assisted by a Lieutenant and a Sergeant. The Battalion Commander receives general orders from the Marauders, and carry out the action as they see fit.

The Marauders of the Sith Inquisition dictate orders to the Battalion Commanders. They also organize administrative tasks such as indoctrinating each Sith in the conduct of warfare. They also constantly work on tactical analysis and stratagems for war scenarios.

The Master Sith Marauder of the Council is the quintessential equivalent of the Supreme Commander for the Sith Dark Army. In times of war, he leads the Dark Army to battle, and in times of peace, he prepares for war.


Council of Exaltation

The culture of the Sith is one of the most important aspects of the Order. Without it, the New Sith Order would be another dull, complacent alliance trapped in a mire of insignificance. The core of establishing and manifesting that culture comes from the inherent nature of the Sith itself. But it is the Council of Exaltation that develops it further. It's primary task is preventing the Sith from becoming lax and to continue cultural traditions while creating new ones at the same time. The Council of Exaltation is divided into three departments.

Department of Propaganda

The Department of Propaganda has two main purposes. One is to spread the propaganda of the Sith across the Cyberverse to recruit new Sith and the other is to create propaganda itself. Propaganda can come in many forms and shapes whether it is making a digital art for other Sith or creating ribbons and medals for the Order.

Sith Communications

Sith Communications is quite possibly the largest organization within the Council of Exaltation. Since the Order is quite large and expansive, it was necessary for the Sith to establish a means of effective communications between planets within Sith Space. Sith Communications is also responsible for keeping the Sith constantly active with contests and the like.

Council of Lies

Of all the Sith Councils, the Council of Lies is the most enigmatic of them all. One of the cornerstones of the Sith Order is having trustworthy and reliable allies that the Sith can depend on in times of war. The directive of Exaltations Council of Lies is to lead Sith agenda on foreign policy, whether it be creating new friendships or buffering enemies. Also, the Council of Lies houses the public and private foreign embassies of other alliances. It is a massive complex within the Sith Capital of Moldavistadt. Hundreds of foreign diplomats reside in these embassies for purposes of maintaining contact with the Sith.


Council of Cultivation

Crucial to the prosperity of the Sith Order, the Council of Cultivation is responsible for the Brotherhood. Most importantly in educating each Acolyte, but also in seeking out and indoctrinating Initiates and preparing them for integration into the Brotherhood.

Within the boundaries of the Sith Order, the Council of Cultivation will also continue to monitor each Sith nation and conduct audits to maintain compliance with growth policies and upkeep of individual knowledge.



NSO-CDC War vs. Central Defense Corps Victory
Karma War - ML Front vs. Molon Labe Victory
Karma War - DO Front vs. DOOM Victory
Karma War - TPF Front vs. The Phoenix Federation Victory
NSO-RAD War vs. Republic of Allied Defenses Victory
NSO RAD Ribbon
NpO-\m/ War vs. FOKWhite Peace
TOP-C&G War vs. Fark, GOD, GO, CSN Defeat
NSO-RoK War vs. RoK, GOD, R&R, VE, TENE Defeat
PB-NpO War vs GOONS, Mushroom Kingdom, Umbrella Defeat
Legion-Tetris War vs The Legion White Peace
Blueberry Extraction vs 3 Headed Elephants Mission Accomplished
Kaskus-NSO War vs Kaskus Victory
NSO Kaskus
Disorder War vs NpO, Fark and TOP Defeat
Doom War vs Supernova-X Victory center

New Sith Order Treaties

Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Status
Pissing in Your Cheerios ODoAP FARK Flag Farkistan Active
In Order, There is Chaos and in Chaos, There is Order MDoAP RIA Random Insanity Alliance Active
The Nerdgasm Accords MDoAP TLRflagwavemaroon-blue The Last Remnants Active
Kashmir-NSO Co-Prosperity Agreement CPA Flag of Kashmir Kashmir Active
Hereno's Fictional Penis MnDoAP Flag of Shangri-La Shangri-La Active
Treaty Type Former Treaty Partners Status
LPH-NSO ODP ODP Flag of Los Pollos Hermanos Los Pollos Hermanos Defunct
Disastrous Father Accords 2.0 MDoAP Flag of NG Non Grata Canceled
Guardian-NSO MDoAP MDoAP Flag of Guardian Guardian Defunct
Order 66 MnDoAP NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order Canceled
A Disturbance in the Force ODoAP RIA Random Insanity Alliance Upgraded
The Ordinance of Rebirth ODoAP NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order Upgraded
LGA Protectorate Protectorate Flag of La Gran Alianza La Gran Alianza Defunct
Holton Finds the King Accords Protectorate The French Empire Defunct
Conglomerate Protectorate Protectorate TheConglomerateflag The Conglomerate Defunct
Disastrous Father Accords ODoAP Flag of NG Non Grata Upgraded
Treaty at Bakura MDP TPFflag The Phoenix Federation Canceled
Statute of King Adas MDoAP LegacyFlag Legacy Defunct
The Sith Combine MDoAP TCB-Wavy The Combine Canceled
Terra-Cotta Pact MDP Bloc NSOWhite New Sith Order
Carpediemflag Carpe Diem
ASU Flag Atlantic Sphere Union
ImperiumFlag Imperium of Man
Roman flag-1 Rome
ICBFlag3 Incorporated City-States of Brengstklau
Hereno's Fictional Penis MDP Tetriss Tetris Transferred
Amazonian Sith MDP ApparatusPeace The Apparatus Canceled
The Firey Sith MDP PhRFlag Phoenix Rising Canceled
The 50 Cent Treat MDoAP RoKFlag Ragnarok Canceled
The Treaty of Mount Sinai MDP ExodusFlag Exodus Defunct
Ordinance of Chaos MDP NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order Canceled
Nine Headed Sith MDP Hydraflag Hydra Canceled
Horses with Lightsabers MDP Flag of InvictaRegnum Invictorum Canceled
The Iron Curtain MDoAP Bloc NSOWhite New Sith Order
Hydraflag Hydra
Fearflag Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The Sith Republic MDoAP IRONflag Independent Republic of Orange Nations Canceled
The Dove Doctrine Episode II (link) MDP Gatoflag2Global Alliance and Treaty Organization Canceled
NSO-NpO MDP MDP NpOFlag7 New Polar Order Canceled
Frostbite MDoAP Bloc NSOWhite New Sith Order
Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance Siberian Tiger Alliance
NpOFlag7 New Polar Order
Tlc The Liquor Cabinet
Ordinance of the Force MDP TGRFlag The Galactic Republic Canceled
Ordinance of Disorder MDP Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance Siberian Tiger Alliance Canceled

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