NewAussie Airways Flight 545 Hijacking
Part of the War of the Northern Coral Sea
Date June 4, 2011
Location Aerospace governed by the NewAustralia

The NCL attempt to hijack a plane

Status Ended
Australia NewAustralia NCL Flag Natural Conservation League
1 Civilian Aircraft 3 hijackers
Casualties and losses
1 Civilian Aircraft crashed 3 killed

The NewAussie Airways Flight 545 Hijacking was the first NCL attack directed at innocent NewAustralian civilians. On June 4th, 2011 NewAussie Airways flight 545 was on its way to NewSydney after taking off from New Adelaide Airport. Minutes before its arrival 3 NCL terrorists took control of the plane and turned it towards the city. The plane's target is believed to have been the NewAustralian Stock Exchange. The passengers on board took action against the hijackers, and attempted to regain control of the aircraft. However the hijackers put the plane on a steep dive when the passengers attempted this. The plane crashed into a field, and there were no survivors. In response to this incident the government of the NewAustralia stepped up airport security.


Hours after the events, the NewAustralian Parliament held a session with one minute silence for those who had lost their lives. It was followed by much condemnation of the NCL and more support for action against them in Papua New Guinea.

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