Neutral Nation Commonwealth
Today's enemy, tomorrow's friend.
Capital Ho Chi Minh City
Military, Trading, and Politic alliance
Head of Government

Hershel Greene
- Hanoi Cooperation Pact

October 3rd 2011
Total Area Not Measured
Total Population Not Measured
Member States Ampersand
Observer States Kazakhstan

This Alliance is Part of Axis Sphere

Neutral Nation Commonwealth, or NNC, is an international organization which was created in October 3, 2011. It is alliance which all member states has to cooperate with each others, in military, trades, and politics. The HQ is in each member countries' respective economic capital, Ho Chi Minh City and Sydney.


First IdeasEdit

The idea of establishing international organization went into Hershel Greene, Prime Minister of Ampersand, after STAR and UFO was established. The idea was submitted to Compassmaker, and when suggested to Chamber of Foreign Affairs of Ampersand, it was agreed by 31 to 11.

Vietnam's InterestEdit

As the idea of establishing an international organization was confirmed by Ampersandese Officials, some countries started to show interest. Among the countries, Vietnam showed the strongest interest, and leaders of Ampersand and Vietnam started to discuss about establishing an organization.

Treaty of DarwinEdit

Treaty of Darwin, signed on March 14, was a key factor in forming NNC. The treaty started Vietnam and Ampersand's mutual defense, and cooperating in trades in future times. Finally, it also stated that Vietnam and Ampersand will secure peace, trust, and clemency.

Hanoi PactEdit

In October 2, diplomats from Ampersand flew to Hanoi, Vietnam. Vietnam's president, Truong Tan Sang, offered an formal declaration of an international organization. Ampersand agreed, and Hanoi Pact was made. The pact has stated that the organization established from this pact will promote peace, trust, and clemency, and its member states to cooperative for military, trade, and politics. The organization was named NNC.


After NNC was established, two countries, Kazakhstan and Nigeria, showed interest in joining NNC. After negotiating, they were given observer statues.



Members are participants of the NNC. They have rights to be funded by NNC, and also have voting rights. They can discuss about military, trading, and politics, and suggest ideas.

Current members are Vietnam and Ampersand.


Observers are participants of the NNC. They can discuss about military, trading, and politics, and suggest ideas.

Current Observers are Kazakhstan and Nigeria.


Candidates are non-participants of the NNC. They are countries that is deemed acceptable by majority of the members (two thirds). They are countries that have submitted the appliance form to NNC.

Current Candidates are Egypt and Cuba.


Applicants are non-participants of the NNC. They are countries that have submitted appliance form.

There are no current applicants.

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