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The Natural Conservation League

NCL Flag
Caption The flag of the Natural Conservation League
Dates Early May; Foundation. Early July; Ended
Leader Hanna Flannagan
Motives End NewAustralia and its anti-environmental ways
Area NewAustralia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia
Ideology Anarchism, Extremism, Left-wing
Crimes Terrorism, Treason, Sabotage
Status Defunct
Size 15,000+
Revenue ≈$140,000

The Natural Conservation League or The NCL is an extreme left-wing terrorist organisation founded sometime in early May 2011. Their primary goal is to bring down the government of NewAustralia. They have been recognised as a terrorist organisation by NewAustralia.

History Edit

The formation of the NCL has been traced back to the forests of Papua New Guinea. Few of the members are from Papua New Guinea but this was deemed an acceptable place to begin attacks on NewAustralia. Hanna Flannagan rose to the position of leader soon after its formation.

Leader Edit

Hanna Flannagan is believed to have connections with other terrorist organisations. Few facts are known about her but her history has been an unattractive one. She was believed to be involved in the theft of Soviet nuclear warheads and was behind the riots in New Victoria, NewAustralia. She has been confronted several times by NSIA agents and each time she has avoided capture. The location of the headquarters is unknown.

War of the Northern Coral Sea Edit

The NCL fired a ballistic missile from a remote community in Papua New Guinea which nearly reached NewAustralia. As soon as NewAustralia heard about this indecent an attack team was assembled and sent to investigate. Soon after entering the town of Popndetta, NCL forces began an assault on the forces. NCL was soon repelled but were not entirely defeated. The War of the Northern Coral Sea ensued and the NCL was pronounced defunct

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