Namadulk Atya
Founded5 September 2007
IdeologyAtyan Supremacism
Fiscal positionRight
Social positionFar-Right

Atyan Supremacy (Atyan: Namadulk Atya, NA) is the third-largest political party in Atya. It is the leading opposition party in the current goverment.

In ElshirbgoxenEdit

Currently, NA controls 23 out of 108 seats in Elshirbgoxen Atya. They failed to form a coalition with any party after the first election and formed an opposition with Toorfuupree Atya, Luhashipreen Atyan Zomdaf and a few members of Incorderaashun f Indeperaats. After the second election, LAZ decided to form government leaving NA and TA to form opposition.


It's current leader is Izit Kumbay, ZE from Alba, who is also the founder.


Their core beliefs are that Atyans are supreme to other peoples and that Atya should rule the world. However, unlike most supremacist parties and groups, they don't believe this should be achieved violently.

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