Mont Jan-Hus (English: Mount John Huss) is a settlement in the Royal Republic of Displaced Calvinists. It is located in the northern hill country in the Sahel region of West Africa, and belongs to the Cauvin Administrative District.


Mont Jan-Hus is named after the Czech martyr and religious reformer, John Huss. It is the site of Displaced Calvinists' shortwave radio service, Radio RCD-2 Voice of the Huguenots.

Voice of the Huguenots

Voice of the Huguenots on Mont Jan-Hus

The Voice of the Huguenots shortwave service broadcasts on several frequencies. This includes the International Service, which broadcasts in a variety of languages world-wide, and represents the public face of the Royal Republic of Displaced Calvinists to the world. These broadcasts include news, music, sports, as well as religious programing designed to propagate the Protestant state religions of Presbyterianism and the Reformed Church. Another set of frequencies, the Domestic Service, broadcasts primarily to the interior of Displaced Calvinists. The Domestic Service of the Voice of the Huguenots serves as the national news service for the more remote and rural regions of the nation that fall outside the range of the state-owned AM and FM radio networks. It can be picked up anywhere within the boundaries of the Royal Republic.

Services and EconomyEdit

Trinity Church

Trinity Reformed & Presbyterian Church and mission station

The settlement of Mont Jan-Hus is also noted for its missionary outreach program to the local native populations, and is home to the Jan-Hus Medical Clinic, Trinity Reformed & Presbyterian Church, and a missionary aviation airstrip.

The town's primary economic industry is Cattle ranching. A small Water bottling plant also adds to the local economy.

Recent EventsEdit

Recent activities of the anti-Monarchy leftist movement, Bovineian Revolution, led by Revolutionary politician Hugo Vaches, have been the cause of some minor unrest in the region lately. Members of the Bovineian Revolution have been spotted in the countryside in the Cauvin and Hugesville Districts in recent weeks, and local residents have expressed their concerns for the region's stability. La Gendarmerie Nationale of the Royal Republic of Displaced Calvinists have increased their presence at the local Gendarme outpost in response to these concerns.

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