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Monarchist Faction of Prussia
Monarchistisch Splitterpartei von Preußen
FoundedApril 1st 2009
Political positionCenter
DirectorAlfred von Schliefen
Official colors      White
Seats in the
- Imperial Senate
- Council of Ministers

72 of 100
7 of 7

The Monarchist Faction of Prussia (German: Monarchistisch Splitterpartei von Preußen) is the only legal political party of the Imperial Dominion of Prussia. Under the law of the Constitution, all government officials must be members of the Monarchist Faction, with the exception of Senators. When running for Senate, one can run either under the Monarchist Faction, or as an independent. The Party is directed by Chief of General Staff Alfred von Schliefen, who manages all Party affairs, as well as the activity of Monarchist Senators in the Imperial Senate. The Monarchist Faction is the offspring of the Imperialist Faction, which served as the main driving force towards the establishment of a Monarchy in the Tenarran Civil War.

The Party follows strict Monarchist ideals, following a policy of high State intervention in both politics and economics in relation to the individual and the collective people of the nation. The ideals of the Monarchist Faction are laid down within the Constitution.

The Monarchist Faction holds a majority of 67 seats in the Imperial Senate, as of the elections of May 1, 2009.

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