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Ministry of Prosperity
Ministerium von Wohlstandes
Ministry of Prosperity
Seal for the Ministry of Prosperity
Agency overview
Formed March 30, 2009
Jurisdiction The Prussian Empire
Headquarters Quarthe, Germany, Prussian Empire
Ministers responsible Ilsa Friedel, Minister of Prosperity
Jürgen Scheele, Deputy Minister of Prosperity
Agency executives Count Maximilain Graf von Armin, Senior Officer for Industry
Herbert Matthess, Senior Officer for Agriculture
Theodor Lichtenberger, Senior Officer for Business
Parent agency General Staff
Child agencies Prussian Economic Management Agency
Prussian Regulatory Management Agency
Prussian Food and Drug Agency
Key document Guidelines for Regulations

The Ministry of Prosperity of the Prussian Empire is the main government agency responsible for the regulation and general management of the Prussian economy. The Ministry is among the biggest of the 7 Ministerial Offices of the Prussian Empire, as it plays an astoundingly large role in internal affairs. The Ministry splits itself into 3 departments, the Departments of Agriculture, Industry and Business. It also has 3 other agencies that operate under its authority; the Prussian Economic Management Agency, the Prussian Regulatory Management Agency and the Prussian Food and Drug Agency.

Constitutional BasisEdit

The Ministry of Prosperity is defined in the Constitution as:

  • The sole Ministry that is given the responsibility by the General Staff to ensure the safety of the Prussian people in regards to safety codes and food, and to ensure that proper and prosperity-forwarding regulations are introduced and enforced in the economy. No agency will hold power over these areas except for the Ministry of Prosperity and the Chief of General Staff himself.

The proper management of the Ministry and the function of its layout are based in the guidelines written by Alfred von Schliefen in the document "On the Role and Structure of the Ministries," which was written following the adoption of the Prussian Constitution.

Departments and OfficesEdit

The Ministry of Prosperity is organized into 3 separate departments and several Offices in order to better manage the Ministry's responsibilities.

Department of IndustryEdit

Department of AgricultureEdit

Department of BusinessEdit


There are 3 child agencies of the Ministry of Prosperity, each of which cooperate with all three Departments.

Prussian Economic Management AgencyEdit

Prussian Regulatory Management AgencyEdit

Prussian Food and Drug AgencyEdit

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