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Ministry of Executive and Foreign Affairs
Ministerium von Internem und Außenpolitik
Ministry of Executive and Foreign Affairs
Seal for the Ministry Executive and Foreign Affairs
Agency overview
Formed March 30, 2009
Jurisdiction The Prussian Empire
Headquarters Quarthe, Germany, Prussian Empire
Ministers responsible Alfred von Schliefen, Minister of Executive and Foreign Affairs
Maximilain Droste, Deputy Minister of Executive and Foreign Affairs
Agency executives Goetzpeter Hess, Senior Officer for Diplomacy
Rupprecht Rochholz, Senior Officer for Policy
Count Diethelm Graf von Kienstadt, Senior Officer for Administration
Parent agency General Staff
Child agencies Prussian Foreign Affairs Agency
Prussian Internal Administration Agency

The Ministry of Executive and Foreign Affairs of the Prussian Empire is the main government agency responsible for administrating both the internal bureaucracy of the Prussian government as well as its diplomatic corps. The Ministry is without question the most significantly large of the 7 Ministerial Offices of the Prussian Empire, as it is the biggest player in both internal and external affairs. The Ministry is split into two departments, the Department External and the Department External, which both individually manage their own respective areas. It also has 2 other agencies that operate under its authority; the Prussian Foreign Affairs Agency and the Prussian Internal Administration Agency.

Constitutional BasisEdit

The Ministry of Executive and Foreign Affairs is the most significant in terms of the Constitution. It is directly run by the Chief of General Staff, who also serves as leader of the nation and its Head of Government. It operates as the arm of the office of Chief of General Staff, though it technically is a separate Ministry and subject to the rules laid out in the Constitution and other guiding documents in the Council of Ministers of the Prussian Empire.

Its authority is laid out in the Constitution in the following clause.

  • The sole Ministry that acts as the hand, arm and tool of the office of the Chief of General Staff and his government. No area of the government is outside of his jurisdiction, though through the Ministry he directly controls the Bureaucracy and Diplomatic Corps of the Empire. No other Ministry may override its decisions nor hold jurisdiction in its area of operation.

Though the Constitution is vague regarding the exact powers held by the Ministry, it follows the document written by von Schliefen called "On the Role and Structure of the Ministries," written after the adoption of the Constitution.

Departments and OfficesEdit

The Ministry of Prosperity is organized into 2 separate departments and several Offices in order to better manage the Ministry's responsibilities.

Department ExternalEdit

Department InternalEdit


There are 2 child agencies of the Ministry of Prosperity, each of which cooperate with all three Departments.

Prussian Foreign Affairs AgencyEdit

Prussian Internal Administration AgencyEdit

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