Midway Above All
National anthem ofGreater Midwayan Empire
Also known asMidway über alles
LyricsHans Altdorfer, 2011
MusicJoseph Haydn, 1797
Adopted28 July 2011

Midway Above All (also known as Midway über alles) is the national anthem of the Greater Midwayan Empire. The music was composed by Joseph Haydn, and the lyrics made by Hans Altdorfer. It was adopted on July 28, 2011.


The music was composed by Joseph Haydn for use with Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser, the anthem of Francis II, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and later the Austrian Empire.

Haydn had heard "God save the King" in London and was impressed by the way it was sung by the Common Man in support of the Royal family. He set upon repeating this idea in the then most powerful European monarchy. The words "God save Emperor Franzis" were inspired by the English anthem as well as the tune, which was designed for untrained singers. The first line of the anthem changed with each new emperor until 1918. Austrian monarchists continued to use this anthem after 1918 in the hope to restore the monarchy. The adoption of the hitherto Austrian anthem by Germany in 1922 was not opposed by Austria, as this helped the government in weakening the monarchist causes.

Later, in July 28, 2011, Hans Altdorfer selected the tune for use with the national anthem of the Greater Midwayan empire, due to it's use by Nazi Germany. He added the lyrics that fit his nation, and declared it the national anthem of the Greater Midwayan Empire.


Midway, Midway above all,
Above all in the world
For justice and freedom
For the Midwayan people!
From Kure to Nihoa,
From Midway to Johnston Atoll!
 |: Midway, Midway above all,
 Above all in the world :|

Midway, Midway über alles,
Über alles in der Welt,
Für Gerechtigkeit und Freiheit
Für die Midwayan Volk!
Von Kure zu Nihoa,
Von Midway nach Johnston Atoll!
 |: Midway, Midway über alles,
  Über alles in der Welt! :|


The lyrics were written to what Hans Altdorfer considered the borders of the Greater Midwayan Empire. According to the song, the borders of Midway stretch through the entire Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, and down to Johnston Atoll.

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