Marshall Vicksburg

Born April 9, 2034(2034-04-09)
Providence, J Andres
Died November 9, 2067(2067-11-09) (aged 33)
Springfield, J Andres
Political party Nationalist
Royal House House of Vicksburg
Spouse Isabella of Colchester
Issue Eric

Marshall Vicksburg, or Marshall of Lanier was the eldest son of Samantha, Countess of Lanier and was a direct descendant of Josef I, King of J Andres. He was one of many royals killed on November 9, 2067 by the Knights of Cromwell in what would become known as the Day of Blood. His wife Isabella, and four-year old child Eric were also killed.



Patrilineality, descent as reckoned from father to son, has historically been the principle determining membership in reigning families. By the paternal line, Marshall belongs to the House of Haywood.

House of Haywood
  1. Robert Haywood of Essex
  2. Marshall of Lanier

Royal HouseEdit

In J Andres, the descendants of a non-royal male are not required to take the name of his house as decreed by Queen Stephanie in 2052. In this manner, all royals should be able to trace their ancestry to Josef I or one of heads of the Dukedoms of bestowed peerage. As such, by Royal Lineage, Marshall belongs to the House of Mercton.

House of Mercton
  1. Josef I, King of J Andres
  2. Richard, Emperor of J Andres
  3. Samantha, Countess of Lanier
House of Vicksburg
  1. Marshall of Lanier


  • April 9, 2034 - July 7, 2052 - Lord Marshall
  • July 7, 2052 - July 1, 2055 - Lord Marshall of Providence
  • July 1, 2055 - November 9, 2067 - Lord Marshall of Lanier
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