Maria Kensington

In office
November 1, 2057 – May 20, 2085
Succeeded by William

Born December 30, 2006
Rossingol, J Andres
Died May 20, 2085(2085-05-20) (aged 78)
Rossingol, J Andres
Political party Nationalist
Royal House House of Kensington-Annan
Spouse Sir Peter Vista
Issue Henry

Maria Kensington, or Maria Kensington, Baroness of Colchester was a Baroness of J Andres and the CEO of Annan Enterprises, the largest defense contractor in J Andres. She was the child of Lady Kli & Roberto Gomes. She perished in the nuclear attacks at the conclusion of the Grand Mexican War.



Patrilineality, descent as reckoned from father to son, has historically been the principle determining membership in reigning families. By the paternal line, Maria belongs to the House of Gomes.

House of Gomes
  1. Roberto Gomes, of Rossingol
  2. Maria, Baroness of Colchester

Royal HouseEdit

In J Andres, the descendants of a non-royal male are not required to take the name of his house as decreed by Queen Stephanie in 2052. In this manner, all royals should be able to trace their ancestry to Josef I or one of heads of the Dukedoms of bestowed peerage. As such, by Royal Lineage, Maria belongs to the House of Annan.

House of Annan
  1. Adrik, Duke of Rossingol
  2. Lady Kli of Rossingol
House of Kensington-Annan
  1. Maria, Baroness of Colchester


  • December 30, 2006 - August 25, 2016 - Ms. Maria Kensington
  • August 25, 2016 - November 1, 2057 - Lady Maria Kensington of Rossingol
  • November 1, 2057 - May 20, 2085 - The Honorable Maria Kensington, Baroness of Colchester

As the CEO of Annan Enterprises, Maria has found it advantageous to use her full name of Maria Kensington, rather than the regal name afforded to her in common usage.

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