This alliance has disbanded as of September 11, 2016. More information is available here.

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MI6 Official Flag
MI6 Motto: Semper Occultus
Team Color White team White
Founder(s) Chimaera, Voodoo Nova
Founded April 15, 2013

00 Agents

  • 001, International: MergerBerger
  • 002, Military: Charles Stuart
  • 003, Domestic: Scipio
  • 004, Economics: Chimaera
  • 005, International: Shurukian
  • 007, James Bond
International relations See below

AllianceStats Statistics as of August 6, 2015

Total Nations 117
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 63,129
Nukes 1,807
Rank 9
Score 29.62
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MI6 is a medium sized, sanctioned alliance on the White team.


MI6 declared existence on April 15, 2013 with 47 founding nations.

Founding DocumentEdit

On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceEdit

A dangerous world requires dangerous people. To that end, we here undersigned resolve to create, build, and maintain the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, to provide stability and security within an unstable, insecure world. MI6 strives for merit in all actions, from all operatives in all positions.

For Your Eyes OnlyEdit

Dr. NoEdit

M is the Head of Government of MI6, of which two will be elected every three months by popular vote of all MI6 Operatives. Any power not allocated in this charter shall be a power of M to hold and to delegate as they see fit.

00-Agents are to be appointed by joint consent of the M's. 00 Agents will head a Sector, as directed by the M’s within MI6, and shall operate their Sector in coordination with M policy. 00 Agents may be removed from office by the joint consent of the M's, should their performance be inadequate.

007 - An elite agent of the Service, who is able to work and assist as needed and as they please, in accordance with the M's. His identity will be unknown, and should it be revealed, said agent will be stripped of this elite status. He has no authority over any 00-Agent or M. 007 is chosen by the M's

From Russia With LoveEdit

To become an Agent of MI6, one must apply through proper and official channels, pass a thorough background check, and prove oneself worthy of admittance into this most prestigious of organizations.


Treaties with foreign bodies must pass by unanimous consent of the 00 Agents, M's.

Laws pertinent to internal affairs will be posited to all Operatives for a two-day vote. A 51% majority of voters will pass the law in question.

Amendments to this Memorandum will be posited to all Operatives for a 72-hour vote, after a minimum of 72-hours of public consideration. Amendments require a 67% majority of voters in favor for ratification.

Awards and ribbonsEdit

Main article: MI6 Awards and Ribbons

There are many standard and special commendations given to MI6 operatives.

War historyEdit


International relationsEdit

MI6-flag Active Treaties of MI6 MI6-flag
Treaty Partner(s) Treaty Link Type Status Signed
OLD Flag Small The Order of Liberty and Defence Get Off My Lawn Protectorate Active Feb 13, 2015
TPFflag The Phoenix Federation You Only Live Twice Accords MnDoAP Active Mar 12, 2015
Flag of TIO The Imperial Order Clever Name Accords MnDoAP Active May 15, 2015
Siberian Tiger Alliance, The Phoenix Federation, New Sith Order White Prosperity Agreement Economic Pact Active Jun 26, 2015
MI6-flag Defunct Treaties of MI6 MI6-flag
Treaty Partner(s) Treaty Link Type Status Signed
7kingdoms The Seven Kingdoms The "Never Say Never Again" Accords MnDoAP Canceled Apr 15, 2013
Flag of Valhalla Valhalla Secret Agent....Vikings MDoAP Cancelled May 10, 2013
Flag of The Order of the Paradox The Order of the Paradox MI Platypus MDoAP Cancelled Apr 19, 2013
Umbrella Umbrella The Invisible Ink Treaty Classified Cancelled Aug 26, 2013
NPL Flag Nuclear Proliferation League The Spy Who Nuked Me ODoAP Cancelled Sep 24, 2013
Flag of Sparta Sparta A Secret Spartan Emerges MnDoAP Cancelled Feb 18, 2014
Flag of DOD Disciples of Destruction DoD MI6 Announcement MDoAP Cancelled Feb 21, 2014
Cngoonsflag GOONS It's A Secret Classified Cancelled Aug 15, 2014

Flags of MI6Edit

See alsoEdit

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