Kingdom of the Islands
Reino de Las Islas
National Flag
Por la voluntad divina
Territory of Las Islas
Capital Primera
Official Languages Spanish
Regional Languages English, German
Demonym Islanders
Government Theocratic Monarchy
- Mano Divina Diomar III
- Jefe Divino Jorge Salbarba
Major Religions Polytheism
National Animal American Flamingo
- Formation

Total Area 92,541 sq mi
- Total Population
- Military Personnel

Time Zone UTC -5/-4

The Reino de Las Islas or the Kingdom of the Islands is Caribbean nation that existed during the colonial era.


Las Islasa consists of numerous islands in the Caribbean Sea. The four largest islands are

The capital of Primera is located on the island of Montego. The nature of the island nation has lead to a vast shipping and maritime culture among the inhabitants.


Religion plays a very important role is the lives of the islanders.

Many islanders will worship many gods. The high priests and priestesses of the gods (manos) will encourage the devout worship of only one god, urging the islanders to take sides in the heavenly war between the gods.

During these skirmishes, the devout followers will battle for supremacy over each other. The worshipers who are victorious in the holy wars claim the throne in Primera by divine right and rule over all of Las Islas.

The mano divina (translation: Hand of God) is the high priest or priestess of the ruling deity.

Deities of Las Islas
Deity Description
Diomar Diomar
God of the sea, rivers, lakes, floods, and hurricanes.
Espado Espado
God of war, strategy, bloodshed, and violence.
Florecha Florecha
Goddess of the harvest, grain, agriculture, growth, and fertility.
Marisol Marisol
Goddess of the sun, war, intelligence, and wisdom.
Muertasmo Muertasmo
God of death, disease, and plague.
Protares Protares
God of the wind, moon, stars, healing, art, and music.
Querida Querida
Goddess of love, lust, beauty, desire, and pleasure.

Government and PoliticsEdit

The mano divina is a religious leader of the ruling deity. The mano divina serves for life or until abdication. Holy wars to take the throne in Primera typically occur upon the death of the mano divina.

The mano divina takes the name of the deity they worship, although the first mano to take the name, begins numbering as "II" to respect the deity. They also select a jefe divino, to assist in the efforts to rule the kingdom. The jefe divino is typically not a religious leader and although the jefe is considered the second-in-command, the jefe divino is not created the mano divina upon the death of the mano.

List of Manos Divinas of Las Islas
No. Reign Portrait Name
1 1634-1653 Marisol II
2 1653-1656 Marisol III
3 1656-1657 Querida II
4 1657-1680 Espado II
5 1680-1689 Espado III
6 1689-1696 Espado IV
7 1696-1700 Diomar II
8 1700- Diomar III
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