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His Majesty
Kuroo Hashimoto
Crown Prince

Crown Prince of the Union of Midway
In office
August 21st, 2011 – present
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Incumbent

Born March 4, 2001
North Korea North Korea
Nationality MidwayFlag Midwayan
Royal House Union of Midway Capitol Building
Residence Aldebaran Flag Aldebaran, Union of Midway
Alma mater N/A
Religion None

Kuroo Hashimoto (b. March 4, 2001; formerly Kuroo Shiratori) is the Crown Prince of the Union of Midway. He is formally styled as His Majesty. He is the first person to be adopted into the Royal Family of the Union of Midway.

Early lifeEdit

Kuroo was born on March 4, 2001. His parents were abducted by North Korean agents in 1977, and he was born where his parents were being detained. His parents managed to convince the North Koreans to let him live by telling them that he could be a valuable asset to the State Security Department of North Korea, the North Korean intelligence agency at the time, if the North Koreans taught him Korean while his parents taught him Japanese. He spent his life in fear of prosecution by the North Koreans, and he was severely punished whenever he made any mistake, even the smallest of mistakes. At age 9 both of his parents died of the brutal treatment at the hands of the North Koreans.

Great Pacific WarEdit

During the Great Pacific War, when the Royal Family of the Union of Midway was abducted by North Koreans and detained in Pyongyang, the Royal Family of the Union of Midway was with him for a short period of time. During this time an emotional bond formed between the royal family and the him.


Eventually he managed to escape from where he was being detained and made it to the Midwayan consulate in China. There, after receiving instructions from Zabuza, he applied for refugee status and was transported to Aldebaran on Midway One. Zabuza used his influence to speed up the process in which Kuroo was recognized as a refugee, and he was placed under the care of the Royal Family. At the time, the Royal Family was also filing paperwork for an upcoming state visit to the United States of JBR and the JBRican government immediately marked Kuroo as a "Midwayan citizen" in advance to allow him to obtain his visa. The Royal Family then had him apply for citizenship, which was approved by the government of the Union of Midway on August 21. On the same day, he was adopted into the Royal Family of the Union of Midway. The adoption and citizenship process were both sped up due to pressures from China and Korea to return Kuroo to Korea, which the Midwayan government refused to do.

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