Korean-Chinese Taiwan border conflict
Part of Korean Annexations
Korean Advancement into Taiwan and Korean Occupied Japan
Date June 7, 2007 – present
Location Taiwan
Peoples Republic of China China South Korea Greater Korean Republic
Peoples Republic of China Hu Jintao South Korea Ban Ki Moon
814,000 658,000

This Conflict is part of the Axis Sphere

The Korean-Chinese Taiwan border conflict is a military conflict between the Greater Korean Republic and China. The most serious of these border clashes occurred in February 2008. Chinese historians most commonly refer to the conflict by the Taipei incident. The conflict is going to be hard to resolve with future border demarcations.

The number of troops on both sides of the Korean-Chinese border increased dramatically after 2009.

Due to this conflict, the Greater Korean Republic might join STAR, and a standoff between STAR and UFO might occur.

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