Knights of Cromwell
of J Andres
FoundedApril 2061
Party ChairmanBernard Fisher
Party FounderBarry Gallagher
Official colors      Red

The Knights of Cromwell is a terrorist organization within J Andres. The group has evolved from the previous Republican or anti-royal movements. The Communist Party once championed the cause to abolish the monarchy. After Richard's Rebellion in 2057, the Communist Party grew closer the the Anchor Party and the monarchy.

The Knights of Cromwell were organized by Barry Gallagher, a local radio personality in the Rossingol area. His land was being threatened for a new Palace for the Duchess of Rossingol. Gallagher was arrested in the subsequent protests, but when he emerged, he formed the Knights.

The knights take their name from Oliver Cromwell, the British republican and Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland during the 1600s.

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