Kingdom of Unity

Official Flag of The KoU
Team Color Multicolored team Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Papa Patricius, TJ Chatterbox
Founded 15th August 2008

High King

  • Abolished



AllianceStats Statistics as of 16th September 2008

Total Nations 6
Strength 17,618
Avg. Strength 2,936
Nukes 0
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Overview Edit

The Kingdom of Unity was established on the 15th of August, 2008, as a result of the separation of the Allies of War. It was formed by Papa Patricius and TJ Chatterbox, who had been in government positions in the AoW.

United Cause Edit

As a result of the Hyperion-GGA conflict, the Allies of War were split on what should be done. Great Prophet, the then Chancellor, had stated he wished to enter the war beside FLY due to a treaty. The Ministers were angered by his decision to do so, as they were not requested to counsel. Papa Patricius and TJ Chatterbox lead a revolt, which was ultimately kept the status quo as no battles were fought and Great Prophet stepped down and gave the office to TJ Chatterbox, who in turn moved to the remnants of the Allies to the new Kingdom of Unity. Many others followed behind TJ and Patricius, though some went to FLY.

Influences of Government Edit

For many days, Papa Patricius and TJ Chatterbox conversed on how their new alliance would be run. The took into consideration several governments:

Brehon Law: An ancient Irish tradition of a democratic monarchy.
The Articles of Confederation: Predeccessor the the American Constitution.
the COIF: The Confederation of Immaculate Freedom, the original alliance of Papa Patricius.
the AoW: The Allies of War, the predecessor of the Kingdom of Unity.

As a result, they decided that the Kings would have rare privileges, Minister's needed to be counseled, and that the people always had the opportunity to change the government.

TJ leaves the alliance Edit

On the 11th September, 2008, Papa Patricius posted on the KoU forums that TJ Chatterbox, who had been serving his term as high king, had been deleted from Cybernations, due to inactivity. The space of high king became vacant.

Papa Patricius asked for a vote for the next High King. Unfortunately, Papa voted for the other King, The Great Matthias, and The Great Matthias voted for Papa Patricius. After the Chancellor, Great One said that the alliance had no need of High King, and could go on with two Kings, Papa Patricius told the Kingdom of Unity that he was promoting the Great Matthias to High King.

Upon hearing this, The now High King The Great Matthias told the alliance that his first action as High King was to rid the alliance of the rank of High King, and he decreed that he and Papa Patricius would from now on rule equally over the alliance.

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