Kingdom of Hyrule

Kingdom of Hyrule Official Flag
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founder(s) Britishdude
Founded Oct 11, 2012
King Britishdude

The Royal Council

of Defense - Erik

of Internal Affairs - Isaac

of Foreign Affairs - Shellhound
International relations


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Kingdom of Hyrule (KoH)is a small alliance on the blue trading sphere. It was founded on October 11, 2012 by Britishdude. KoH is currently protected by North Atlantic Defense Coalition. The current Kingdom of Hyrule is associated with the first incarnation, founded by the same leader. While it is a small alliance KoH has grown well through large tech deals with other alliances and a mass of members coming from Reddit.


The charter of the Kingdom of Hyrule is the supreme governing document in the Kingdom. Any Amendment to the Charter must be discussed for a period of 48 hours after which a period of voting will begin. In order for the Amendment to pass it must reach 3/4s of the voting membership (Hylians).


Kingdom of Hyrule is a reformation of the original Kingdom of Hyrule which merged into New Polar Order in July 2012.

War historyEdit

The Kingdom of Hyrule hasn't participated in any wars.

International relationsEdit

Treaty Type Signatories Status Signed
Coalitions and Kingdoms[1] Protectorate Nadc newflag2 NADC Active January 18, 2013
TBD Protectorate NATO NATO Inactive October 5, 2012

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