Katherine Al Kaled

In office
November 1, 2057 – August 18, 2088
Preceded by Richard
Succeeded by Phillippe

In office
January 1, 2032 – November 1, 2057
Preceded by Stephanie

Born July 11, 2013
Endor Cuidad, J Andres
Died August 18, 2088(2088-08-18) (aged 75)[1]
Newport, J Andres
Political party Unaffiliated
Royal House House of Mercton-Kaled
Spouse Prince Gilbert, Duke of Portsmouth
Issue Gabrielle
Residence Aquidneck Castle, Newport
Religion Catholic

Katherine Stephanie Lanier Al Kaled, or Queen Katherine was the Queen of J Andres after the removal of Emperor Richard from the throne. Prior to her coronation[2] as Queen, she was the Princess of Puerto Pacis.



Queen Katherine on her coronation

Katherine reigned over J Andres during numerous important transitions. Her coronation followed the tumultuous Richard's Rebellion, in which her uncle seized the throne and sent the nation into civil war. Katherine's calm demeanor was key in regaining the public's trust in the crown.

After the Grand Mexican War, and the resulting nuclear blasts that killed the President, Charlotte Laurent, Katherine established royal law, and largely shepherded in another era of peace in the nuclear wasteland that followed.



Patrilineality, descent as reckoned from father to son, has historically been the principle determining membership in reigning families. By the paternal line, Katherine belongs to the House of Canguru.

House of Canguru
  1. Naeem I, King of Ihla de Canguru
  2. Naeem II, King of Ihla de Canguru
  3. Naeem III, King of Ihla de Canguru
  4. Naeem IV, King of Ihla de Canguru
  5. Marsilius, Prince of Ihla de Canguru
  6. Katherine, Queen of J Andres

Royal HouseEdit

In J Andres, the descendants of a non-royal male are not required to take the name of his house as decreed by Queen Stephanie in 2052. In this manner, all royals should be able to trace their ancestry to Josef I or one of heads of the Dukedoms of bestowed peerage. As such, by Royal Lineage, Katherine belongs to the House of Mercton.

House of Mercton
  1. Josef I, King of J Andres
  2. Stephanie, Queen of J Andres
House of Mercton-Kaled
  1. Katherine, Queen of J Andres



Queen Katherine shortly before her death in 2088

  • July 11, 2013 - January 1, 2032 - Her Highness Princess Katherine of Porto Pacis
  • January 1, 2032 - November 1, 2057 - Her Royal Highness Katherine, Princess of Puerto Pacis
  • November 1, 2057 - August 18, 2088 - Her Majesty By the Grace of God, The Queen Katherine, Queen of J Andres and its Empire, Protector of the Maritime Republic, Duchess of Portsmouth, Countess of Greenwich


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