International Promcapablic Association
Romania Seal of JBR
Flag Seal
For the People, With the People
International organization
Justin Vuong
Jakeb Norton
Formation 25 May 2011

The International Promcapablic Association (abbreviated as the IPA) is the international governing body of promcapablicism. The IPA was founded on May 25, 2011 by the exiled JBRican President Justin Vuong who was in refuge in Jamaica.

It is the official organization for political parties, countries, and individuals who follow the political ideology known as promcapablicism. It was founded by JBRican president and prominent promcapablicist, Justin Vuong, after seeing several signatories in the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact gaining increasing interest in promcapablicism. After his announcement, it was approved by the Worker's Advancement Party of the United States of JBR, Worker's Advancement Party of Midway, the Promcapablic Party of the Deltoran Republic, Frankmerica, the exiled JBRican government, and Gauntletia.


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