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This alliance merged to become part of the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations.

Merger occurred on/around July 2, 2010
More info is available here.
Imperium Hominis
Protectorate of the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations
Imperium Flag

Flag of the Imperium Hominis

Imperial Seal of the God-Emperor
IH Motto: Purge the Unclean
Team Color Maroon team Maroon
Founder(s) Hetman Vladislav
Founded April 11, 2010
  • God-Emperor of Mankind: Hetman Vladislav
  • Lord Commander Militant: vacant
  • Patriarch: vacant
  • High Inquisitor: Nathan Vatz
  • Master of the Administratum: vacant
  • Ecclesiarch: vacant
  • High Recruiter: vacant
International relations Protectorate with CSN

AllianceStats Statistics as of April 25, 2010

Total Nations 12
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 4,884
Nukes 20
Score 0.35
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The Imperium Hominis (IH) was a small alliance on the Maroon sphere. It was founded on April 11, 2010 and merged into CSN on July 2, 2010.



Main article: Charter of the Imperium Hominis


The BeginningEdit

Imperium Hominis was founded on April 11, 2010 by Hetman Vladislav. He would be joined by two friends from CSN: Nathan Vatz and Kryostat. The Imperium would enjoy steady growth in numbers over the next few weeks. One and half months later, IH would hit a decline with members leaving and deleting due to inactivity.

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