Imperial Council of Greater Germania
Reichsrat der Großgermania
TypePrivy Council
EmperorMichael von Preußen
since 7 June 2009[1]
Meeting place
Imperial Palace, Nordhausen[2]
^  Michael was first coronated as Emperor on 12 December 2008, but was replaced by Alexandra von Nassau during a coup d'état from 21 May—7 June 2009.
^  The Council has no designated place of assembly, but has special meeting chambers in the Imperial Palace and often convenes there.
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Where it is unavailable or not desired, the name may be represented as Imperial Council of Grossgermania.

The Imperial Council of Großgermania (German: Reichsrat der Großgermania) is the privy council of Großgermania. Although not provided for by the Constitution, the Council was summoned by Emperor Michael von Preußen in January 2009, shortly after the first election for the Reichstag.

As the Imperial Council is not convened by law, it holds no power other than to be an advisory committee to the Emperor, nor does it have a fixed membership. It is summoned at the Emperor's leisure, and currently consists of the heads of all of the Empire's ministries as well as numerous special appointments by the Emperor. Due to the Council's unofficial nature, it is not granted any permanent meeting place by law. The Imperial Palace has a meeting hall designed for use by a large number of people, and as such, is often the meeting place for the Council.

During the illegal reign of Alexandra von Nassau, the Council was populated with numerous Reichstag members who supported her election. Following the Russo-Germanian War, the Council's previous membership was restored by Michael von Preußen, and helped serve as advisors to him during the extension of martial law following the war.

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