A Magyar Köztársaság
The Hungarian Republic
Client State of the Prussian Empire
National Flag
Dicsőség a Birodalom
National Anthem
Isten óvjon Minket
Capital Budapest
Official language Hungarian
Demonym Hungarian
Government Type
- President
- Vice-President
Totalitarian State
Matthias Corvinus
György Dózsa
National Religion Orthodox Christianity
- Treaty of Budapest

10 Januaruy 2010
Total Population
- Main Ethnicity
Time Zone UTC +1

The Republic of Hungary (Hungarian: A Magyar Köztársaság) is a Client State of the Prussian Empire. To the north and west is the Prussian Empire, to the south is Romania, Croatia and Serbia, and to the east is the Ukraine. The Hungarian government follows a system similar to the Prussian Empire, known as Schliefenism, where the government is led almost entirely by the leader (who serves a life-term), and maintains a pretense of democracy. The President of Hungary, who wields this power, is directly appointed by Chief of General Staff Alfred von Schliefen of the Prussian Empire. Other officials are appointed by the President himself.

Prior to 2009 Hungary was a sovereign nation recognized by the United Nations, however this status was lost after Hungarian participation in the Slovenian Conflict, which ended with the establishment of a puppet-government in Hungary by the Prussian Empire.

The Prussian Empire now mediates all contact Hungary has with other nations, serving as its representative in foreign affairs.

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