House von Schliefen
Haus von Schliefen
CountryPrussian Empire
TitlesEmperor of the Prussian Empire
Crown Prince(ss) of the Prussian Empire
His Majesty
Her Majesty
FounderDietrich I von Schliefen
on March 3rd, 1649
Current headAlfred von Schliefen

The Royal Family of the Prussian Empire is the Royal house of the Prussian Empire. The current Head of House is Alfred von Schliefen, who serves as Emperor of the Prussian Empire as well as Chief of General Staff. House von Schliefen was founded on March 3, 1649, following the end of the Thirty Years' War. Following the war, Dietrich Sunkel of the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg was given land and elevated to the office of Count of a small estate there. The house survived through direct descent to the birth of Alfred von Schliefen, born in 1956.


House von Schliefen over the lengthy period of time since its founding maintained relatively "pure" blood, most members of the house only having one child. Membership in the house can only be passed through direct descent, and as such the only members at this time are Alfred von Schliefen and his three children. The house has absolutely full control of its own affairs, and is not subject to outside review.

Name Position Household Position Term Style
AlfredvS Alfred von Schliefen Emperor of the Prussian Empire Head of House February 16, 1983—current His Majesty, His Excellency
NO PHOTO Wilhelm von Schliefen Crown Prince of the Prussian Empire Son January 23, 1984-current His Majesty
NO PHOTO Marius von Schliefen Duke of Brunswick Son April 7, 1987-current His Majesty
NO PHOTO Silke von Schliefen Countess of Munich Daughter June 3, 1989-current Her Majesty


House von Schliefen serves the role of Emperor and Chief of General Staff of the Prussian Empire. The Head of House holds both titles, ownership of the Palace of Quarthe and holds estates in the German state of the Empire. The Head of House holds absolute control over the Dominion, in accordance with the rules set forward in the Charter of the Prussian Empire.

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