House of Bourbon
J Andres
TitlesKing of Vinsalia
King of J Andres
Robert, Count of Clermont
in 1279
Current headPhillippe IV, King of J Andres
EthnicityFrance, Spain, Vinsalia

The House of Bourbon is a royal house of Vinsalia that originated from the historic House of Bourbon and contained many monarchs in both France and Spain. The Royal House was later brought to J Andres by Robert Bourbon, who immigrated into J Andres after the collapse of neighboring Vinsalia.

Under Phillippe, J Andres and Vinsalia became united in a personal union. This union was formalized by incorporation in 2091.

The House of Bourbon came to hold the crown on J Andres in 2088. Other members of the family later became President and the Premier in 2097, at which point, the three most powerful offices were all held by members of the Bourbon family, who were all members of the Labor party. Such began the Bourbon era of J Andres politics.

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