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Flag of Hellas Alliance

Vergina sun-2
War Flag of Hellas Alliance

Hellas Motto: Fight with honor and die with dignity !!
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) Alexandros o Megas
Founded June 17, 2012
Leader Alexandros o Megas
International relations

Flag of Sparta

MDoAP with Sparta [1]

AllianceStats Statistics as of September 25, 2012

Total Nations 7
Strength 246,975
Avg. Strength 35,282
Nukes 70
Score 1.01
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Hellas is a micro-alliance on the Black team. Hellas Alliance was founded on the eve of the Dave War by Alexandros o Megas, formerly of Sparta.

The stated intent of Hellas' Declaration of Existence was to "glorify Ancient Hellenic and Hellenic Macedonian, Byzantine and Modern Greek history." As for their military intentions, this was also made clear by its founder: "The creation of this new Alliance has nothing to do with current political and war conflicts and I have not created this Alliance to hide myself from current Bob situation. I am not a deserter and if it is needed I will defend Sparta."

Dave WarEdit

Nevertheless, war soon found the young alliance. On June 24, 2012, citing "crimes against the minority Macedonian population of Sparta", Umbrella unleashed "Operation Deliberate Force" against Hellas. Hellas Alliance fomalized the hostilities in a declaration of warthe next day. The Dave War, as it has come to be known, is ongoing, and the Hellas DoW has spawned one of the lengthier threads on the OWF. Although bitterly opposed, Hellas hung on and was able to secure peace.

Post Dave WarEdit

In August 2012, in the wake of the Dave War, Mortal Wombat offered a protectorate to Hellas until they could get on their feet. That came about when Hellas secured an MDoAP with Sparta in late September 2012.

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