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History of Axis Sphere is a short, but full of impacts. It follows the same course until late 1980s, with significant signs of anarchy starting from Yugoslav War and Somali Civil War.

1985 - 1989Edit



Chernobyl Disaster occurs in northern Ukraine. It seriously affected Belorussians and Ukrainian economy.


South African Border War occurs in South Africa.


Nagorno-Karabakh War occurs in Azerbaijan. This war lasts six years, when Azerbaijan collapses in 1995.


1990 - 1994Edit


Lebanese Civil War ends. Lebanon is now place where no proper buildings can be seen.

Iraq invades Kuwait, beginning of the Gulf War.


Yugoslav War starts in 25 June 1991. Slovenia and Croatia declare independence from Yugoslavia, and Yugoslavian army starts invading both of them. Slovenia shortly after avoids war. Croatia will have to continue the war until 1995. Meanwhile, Macedonia also declares independence. This time, there is no major conflict between Yugoslavia and Macedonia.

North Yemen and South Yemen joins to make Yemen. Saleh from South Yemen becomes the president of Yemen, reign 13 years before Yemen collapses in 2004.

Somali Civil War starts in 1991. Somalia soon falls into anarchy in 1993.

Dissolution of Soviet Union starts from 26 December, the second day of Christmas. Countries such as Estonia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine declares independence, while countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria, and Poland is now out of Soviet Russia's influence.

The Baltic States, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia declare independence from USSR in March 11, May 4th, and August 20th respectively.
The Caucasus
Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan declare independence from USSR in August 31st, September 1st, September 9th, October 16th, and December 16th respectively. Thus, Kazakhstan was the last republic to gain independence from USSR.


North Korea falls into Anarchy soon after Kim Il-Sung suddenly fall into coma and dies. China, Russia, Japan, and USA starts to watch the situation in North Korea.

European Union starts.

Bosnia declares independence from Yugoslavia. Yugoslavian army starts invading Bosnia.


Somalia falls into anarchy.


Iraq falls into anarchy. Rwandan Genocide occurs in Rwanda.

1995 - 1999Edit


Switzerland falls into Anarchy. Most of the provinces votes to be merged with Germany; some other provinces are merged with France, Italy, or Austria.

Quebec declares independence from Canada after the referendum. The proposal is narrowly accepted by 53.2% yes, and 47.1% no. Azerbaijan collapses, and Iran and Armenia splits the former territories to theirs. However, series of political turmoil leads Armenia and neighboring Georgia to fall into anarchy.


Taliban seizes control of Afghanistan.


Asian Financial Crisis occurs. South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia is seriously affected by the crisis, while Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Laos have been less damaged by the crisis. Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, and Vietnam is the least damaged, however they suffer from economic losses and less confidence.

As the economies fail in Asia, Thailand provokes war in Laos, resulting in heavy damages in both country and ultimately collapsing afte 11 months of war.



Bolivia falls into anarchy. Brazil, Peru takes some chunks from former Bolivian territories.

2000 - 2004Edit



America becomes attacked by Al Qaeda, both Twin Towers fall, and nearly 3,000 Americans died on September 11, 2001



Yugoslavia changes its name to Serbia and Montenegro. It soon falls into anarchy after Montenegrin separatists are blocked by Serb unionists.


Yemen officially collapses, Northern Yemen attempts to create another country.

2005 - 2009Edit


Canada, becomes the last country to fall into anarchy, January 6th. South Korea merges with Greater Korean Republic after referendum.


China turns from a One-Child state, to a Five-Child state.


Greater Korean Republic expands to western Japan.

Occupation of Taiwan occurs by Greater Korean Republic. Korean-Chinese Taiwan Border Conflict soon emerges. The conflict was largely diplomatic, but China has occupied Kinmen and Lienchiang Islands since August 2009.


2010 - 2014Edit




Ampersand is officaly formed, being the newest country in Oceania.

The Brazilian government is overthrown by a Spanish Military Group and establishes a new government, Ending Brazil's Portuguese Majority Period.



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