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Merger occurred on/around December 1, 2010
Grand Association of Relics and Oldtimers

GARO Official Flag
GARO Motto: Cum Urino Ardet
Team Color Red team Red
Founder(s) Chris Kaos, Grenval, Kevlar
Founded 27 Jul 2010
Other Officials
  • Head of Media Organization: Grenval
  • Designer-in-Chief, Knickknacks, and Nifty Unparalleled Sigs: Boyle
  • Pirate Cap’n of the Seven Cyber Seas: Jacksonians
International relations

AllianceStats Statistics as of 28 Aug 2010

Total Nations 28
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 23,770
Nukes 217
Rank 144
Score 2.65
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The Grand Association of Relics and Oldtimers (GARO) was a small alliance on the Red sphere. It was founded on 27 Jul 2010.


First there was nothing, and then there was Kevlar. Born into Darkness, Forged by Steel, and Filled with delicious Nugent, the Grand Association was formed from a ragtag group of ancient relics intent on bringing peace to the Cyberverse through superior wit.



Long, long ago, there lived many ancient deities dedicated to the near-forgotten art of awesome. It is said that there once existed a scroll that detailed how to obtain something greater than religious Nirvana, though not as great as Al Pacino. Countless attempts and innumerable lives have been lost in search of this Lost Treasure, the rigors of time leaving the trail dead cold. But one day it was found by a group of men of questionable moral standing. It went a little something like this:

Chris says (7:57 PM)Edit

The SecGen is elected bi-monthly, with a running mate who shall act as deputy.
The deputy is acting-SecGen whenever the SecGen is unavailable, or leaves office. No emergency elections. Should the DepSecGen succeed the SecGen, a repalcement DepSecGen must be appointed.

Chris says (7:58 PM)Edit

The Secretary General appoints heads of department (defense, domestic and foreign) called secretaries. Multiple heads of department are allowed, at the discretion of the SecGen. No one may hold multiple of these positions, or occupy one of these positions and the office of the SecGen, DepSecGen or Chief Justice.

Chris says (4:37 PM)Edit

The SecGen may create government positions at his discretion for any powers not specifically defined in this constitution.

Chris says (7:59 PM)Edit

Each secretary may write up legislation, and it shall be passed into law if the SecGen doesn't veto. The General Assembly can also overturn it with a simple majority if a petition with signatures from 5% membership is presented.

Chris says (8:01 PM)Edit

The judiciary will be the Secretary General, or a lifetime appointment by the SecGen called the Chief Justice, which is a cabinet-level position. He shall be charged with upholding the charter of the Grand Association.

Chris says (4:18 AM)Edit

The SecDA is the only person who can admit people to the alliance (unless there is no SecDA, in which case it defaults back to the SecGen/DepSecGen office). Any of the cabinet members can recommend someone for expulsion, but the only person who can boot someone is the SecGen. The Chief Justice may overturn the SecGen’s decision.

Chris says (8:04 PM)Edit

The secretaries of departments are the top advisers of the Secretary General, and the Secretary General has ultimate control over the alliance. They secretaries serve at the pleasure of the SecGen.
Removal of either the SecGen or DepSecGen from office requires a 60% supermajority, before which a petition with signatures from 10% membership must be presented.

And that’s where babies come from.

Ratified by and with the consent of the General Assembly of the Grand Association of Relics and Oldtimers on August 20, 2010.

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