Global Democratic Alliance
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GDA Official Flag

Old Flag
GDA Motto: United We Stand.... Divided We Fall
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founder(s) JsD2K, PanzerVI, Leq
Founded October 2006
International relations

AllianceStats Statistics as of January 31, 2013

Total Nations 69
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 47,729
Nukes 811
Rank 39
Score 12.84
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For the alliance in Tournament Edition, see Global Democratic Alliance (Tournament Edition).

The Global Democratic Alliance (GDA) is an alliance on the Blue team, which follows a democratic style of government. The alliance is one of the older alliances on CyberNations, having been founded in October 2006.

Political HistoryEdit

Main article: History of the Global Democratic Alliance

The Global Democratic Alliance was founded in October 2006 by JsD2K, PanzerV, Leq and several others who were friends from playing Starcraft together. As one of the oldest alliances in CyberNations, GDA has an extensive history. In August of 2014 Devin15 attempted to create a merger of several alliances including the GDA. However several members rebelled and kept the alliance running.

GDA Government StructureEdit

See also: Global Democratic Alliance Constitution

GDA was founded as a representative democracy, with the alliance being governed by a written charter, which would eventually be rewritten into the present Constitution.

Alliance leadership currently consists of three branches of Government: the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, and the Legislative Branch.

Heading the Executive Branch is a President, who is elected at large by the membership; the president must have been in the alliance for at least three consecutive months prior to election, and have previously served in another government capacity. The President can appoint a cabinet of five ministers, who head the departments of Defense, Economics, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, and Recruitment.

The Judicial Branch consists of three Supreme Court Justices, who serve until resignation or removal by the alliance at large. The Supreme Court serves as a check against the Executive Branch, and heads all impeachment proceedings.

The Legislative Branch includes an informal Senate consisting of all alliance members. The membership votes on legislative proceedings, as well as potential treaties and wars involving treaties with Optional clauses.

Past PresidentsEdit

ShadowkillerMar-Apr 2012
MasterfodJan-Feb 2012
Sippyjuice Nov-Dec 2011
Sippyjuice Sep-Oct 2011
BacTalan Jul-Aug 2011
DarkhJustice May-Jun 2011
PopCap Mar-Apr 2011
Sippyjuice Jan-Feb 2011
Shadowkiller Nov-Dec 2010
PopCap Aug-Oct 2010
JsD2K Jul 2010
Masterfod May-Jun 2010
President Hardin April 2010
BacTalan March 2010
Sippyjuice Jan-Feb 2010
Sippyjuice Nov-Dec 2009
Masterfod Sep-Oct 2009
BacTalan Jul-Aug 2009
PopCap May-Jun 2009
Sippyjuice Mar-Apr 2009
BastardOfGod Jan-Feb 2009
BacTalan Nov-Dec 2008
Suzyland Sep-Oct 2008
Mergerberger Jul-Aug 2008
Galvatron May-Jun 2008
BastardOfGod Mar-Apr 2008
MagicalBricksAug 2007
BastardOfGodApr-Jul 2007
Leq Mar 2007
JsD2K Jan-Feb 2007
Jkeim Dec 2006
JsD2K Oct-Nov 2006

War HistoryEdit

The First War GDA vs. S37 White Peace
Maroon War Maroon Allied Forces vs. Communist Allied Forces GDA Victory
St. Patrick's Day Massacre NoR, Syn, GDA, FCO vs. LSF, BE, SWF, EC GDA Victory
Third Great War The Initiative vs. Aegis GDA Victory
The Unjust War The Unjust Highway vs. ~ GDA Victory
Karma WarThe Hegemony vs. Karma, (GDA vs. CSN and GOD) Surrender
TOP-C&G WarTIFDTT & Allies vs. TOP and allies, (GDA vs. CSN, TEN, TYR and TOH) White Peace
PB-NpO WarPB vs. NpO and allies, (GDA vs. Tetris)Localized win, however side lost the war
Grudge WarThe Avengers vs. NpO and allies, (Sentinel vs BFF bloc)Surrender


SentinelMenotah, USN and United Purple Nations MDoAP bloc link
Love for Blue and BombsMulticolored Cross-X Alliance (MCXA)MDoAP link
It's a Long Time Coming TreatyUnited Sovereign Nations (USN)MDPlink
GDA - Menotah ODPMenotahODP link
GDA-App ODPThe ApparatusODP [Source?]
ARES Gets DemocraticAscended Republic of Elite States (ARES)ODP[Source?]
Blunity Accords ARES, AB, Avalanche, Colossus, NpO, NADC and NATO Economic link

Former blocsEdit

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