"Liberté, égalité, solidarité!"
National Anthem


Capital City Furqopol
Established 12/30/2011
(3,022 days old)
Ruler FurqanTheReformist
Alliance NSOWhite
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Since 07/25/2013 (2,449 days)
Nation Team White team White
Statistics as of 02/18/2014
Total casualties 1,047,457
 324,109 attacking
 723,348 defending
Infrastructure 2,999.99
Technology 1,800.50
Nation Strength 418,892.786
Alliance Rank 26 of 97 (26.8%)
Nuclear Weapons Nuke 0 nukes

FurqanTheReformist (best known as Furq and Furqan) joined CN with the nation of Critoria on December 30, 2011. He applied to New Sith Order on January 4, 2012 and on January 8 he became a member. He left NSO two times; the first was to explore other alliances but he rejoined NSO 4 days later. The second time was to join in with Wu Tang Clan and others for a new alliance project. He co-founded Solis but couldn't be around for the post-formation process due to his active participation in the 2013 protests in Turkey. Soon after the protests were over he joined back NSO and has been an NSO member since then.

He is currently the M.o.I.A. of NSO, titled -in the alliance's thematic jargon- as "Sith Master of the Council of Cultivation".

War HistoryEdit


NSO Kaskus New Sith Order Kaskus-NSO War
10nsoservice New Sith Order New Sith Order Medal of Service
Nukemedal New Sith Order New Sith Order Nuclear Fortitude
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