Flag Of Fennoslavia

Capital Balkans New York
Motto -
Team Blue
Official languages English, Finnish, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic
Government Theocracy
Head Of State Prime Minister / Representative Chancellor:

Efrem Benjamin Arif.

State religion Christianity, Judaism, Islam
Currency Dinar (Euros, Dollars and Rubels are also legal currency).
Total. Population Population digit cannot be estimated because the lack of civil registers.
Anthem Theocracy of Fennoslavia is so religious and fanatical state that it does not use anykind of anthem as official. Several religious creeds, prayers and songs can be used in governmental ceremonies.

Fennoslavia is a country in Bulgaria near the borders of Turkey and Greece.

Government Edit

Ministers / Chancellors of Parliament

Prime Minister / Representative Chancellor: Efrem Benjamin Arif.

Chancellor of the Interior and Religious Affairs: Tao Laoz.

Chancellor of Christians: Pastor Kim Baok. Chancellor of Jews: Rabbi Son Xiang. Chancellor of Muslims: Imam Hwang Isash.

Chancellor of Finance and protector of mixed-economy: Aheres Ibn Abraham.

Chancellor of Foreign Affairs: Vicar Sayyid Shtadlan.

Chancellor of Foreign Trade: Bacchus Von Benedictine.

Chancellor of Justice: Aron Papal.

Chancellor of Immigration: Paul Gospels.

Chancellor of Defence: Kareem Mohammad Umadiyaa.

Chancellor of Education: Hillel Moses Herzl.

Chancellor of Culture and Sport: Jesus Josef Nazzar.

Chancellor of Agriculture and Forestry: Matt Matthew Kungfutse.

Chancellor of Transport and Pass: Luke Marcus Moraire.

Chancellor of Trade and Industry: David Abraham Avram.

Chancellor of Social Affairs and Health: Filemon Maimonides Jr.

Chancellor of Social Services and Labour: Ahmed Karthagos.

Chancellor of the Environment, Nature and Animal Welfare: Joe Panslav Russo of Europe and his adviser Samson of Middle-East.

Chancellor of Budget and Capital Investments: Uzi Gasparro of America and his adviser Jesuite of North-Africa.

Chancellor of Crime and Banishment: Alev Abu Bakr Uthman Ali Ezekiel Yesayah of Kedem Hapokiels Majesty of Mediterrean.

Chancellor of Conservation: Lemuel Tikvato Yerushalaim and his adviser Hebron Jordanissa bin Al-Ahlii Balkans New York.

Chancellor of City Police: Commander Ying Shaolin. Chancellor of Paramilitary: Naeem Salaam. Chancellor of Border Control: Abd.

Chancellor of Country Developing and Civil Aid: Timotheus Hannunvaakuna.

Chancellor of Herecy Practice Monitoring: Surveillancer Amos Richard Cristo Oz and his adviser Ottomanus Konstantinus.

Chancellor of Regional Communications: Samuel Pax Solomon.

Chancellor of Promoting Fitness Values: Jibril Gabriel Los Angeles.

Religion Edit

Fennoslavia is a theocracy and it admits to exist only for religious people especially people from Abrahamic Religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam), also a minor groups like taoists are accepted to be welcome. Basically the life of Fennoslavia bases on religions, and it's faithful people has made the state development possible, even it's still a developing country.

Foreign politics Edit

- Notable on-going friendship with Pravoslavia

- Fennoslavia is a peaceful nation towards others who are peaceful and neutral.

Political parties of Fennoslavia Edit

About the party system to be known there are only four parties and the most influential party is the Center-Party (CP). All the government officials come from the Center Party, so that's why it is so giant and remarkable party in Fennoslavia. Other parties are: Struggle-Socialism-Salvation-Party (SSSP), Council-De-Capitalistee-Party (CDCP) and Anarchist-Party (AP).


Political spectrum of Fennoslavia

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