This alliance has disbanded as of July 16, 2009. More information is available here.
Federation of Imperial Red Empires

FIRE Final Flag

FIRE Original Flag
Team Color Red team Red
Founder(s) Carter, Timlee
Founded 06/06/09
Red Senate None

AllianceStats Statistics as of 07/07/09

Total Nations 94
Strength 1,694,329
Avg. Strength 18,025
Nukes 292
Score 6.81
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Charter of FIREEdit


We, the member nations of FIRE, hereby create this document, to protect our rights, manifest our principles, and unify our alliance.

Article I: Procedures for AdmissionEdit

  1. Nations seeking membership into FIRE shall be on the Red sphere, or join it within 10 days of membership. A Nation may request to be pardoned from this requirement, by contacting a Fire Lord with a valid reason.
  2. Nations seeking membership must not be involved in any conflict. Must not be E-Zi/Perma-Zi by any alliance,
  3. Nations seeking membership must register on FIRE’s forum. When requesting membership, the prospective member shall post an application in the alliance lobby.

The application shall contain, but not limited to: Nation name, Nation Strength, Past Alliances. The alliance official processing the application has the right to request additional information.

Article II: GovernmentEdit

  1. Fire Lord: The Fire Lord is the figure head of FIRE and is entrusted with creating FIRE policy and directing the alliance to success. Such is the benevolence of the Fire Lord that they will always lead with the alliance at heart, and every decision shall be made to better the alliance. The Fire Lord is the supreme power in all matters concerning FIRE and her internal and foreign affairs, and as such has the power to create government offices and assign members to fill these offices at will. This includes assigning another member to the Fire Lord rank. Further more, the Fire Lord has the authority to enact doctrines and policies within the Federation that all members and government must follow.

Article III: AmendmentsEdit

The Fire Lords shall pass an amendment by unanimous majority.


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