European Federation
Flag of Europe EF Coat of Arms
National Flag Coat of Arms
United in diversity
National Anthem
Ode to Joy
Map of the European Federation
Capital Paris
Official languagess English (de facto)
Recognized regional languages Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Luxembourgish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
Demonym European
Government Federation
President Pierre-Philippe Sarkozy
- Formation
- Current constitution

May 5, 2092
August 26, 2114
Currency Euro (€)
Literacy Rate 100%

The European Federation, more simply known as Europe or Europa, is a superpower located on Earth. Established in 2092 in response to Earth's dwindling resources and failing economies, the Federation was formed by the member states of the European Union. Originally formed as a loose confederation of European states, the European Federation's government structure was reorganized in 2114, centralizing the European Government and forming the current Federation.

In the twenty-third century AD, the European Federation launched its first extrasolar colonization project on the planet Gaea. But following the Vaniveran War for Independence a century later, the Federation lost its Gaean colony. Today, Europe maintains warm relations with the Vaniveran Empire.


The European Federation is a federal constitutional republic, though not all of the Federation's states hold republican governments. Some states, such as Denmark, Great Britain, and Norway, maintain their centuries old monarchies. Despite this, all European states hold a democratic government with a publicly elected Governor.

The official Head of State and Head of Government within the Federation is the President of Europe.

Administrative divisionsEdit

The European Federation is comprised of thirty states. Each state has its own governor and parliament. Depending on their governments, European states are separated into two categories: monarchical states and republican states.

Monarchical statesEdit

Republican statesEdit


In addition to the European Federation's states, Europe holds protectorates over six sovereign European nations.



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