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This alliance merged to become part of ThunderCox.
Entente of Unity
Entente of Unity

Entente of Unity Official Flag
Entente of Unity Motto: Per Unitatem
Team Color White team White
Founder(s) Pathos
Founded January 21, 2008
  • Director-General: Unnamed
  • Director-Consul: Unnamed
  • Director-Consul: Unnamed
  • Secretariat of War: Unnamed
  • Secretariat of the Economy: Unnamed
  • Secretariat of Domestic Affairs: Unnamed
  • Secretariat of International Affairs: Unnamed
Other Officials
  • OMG14H0M0saurus
International relations

Optional Defense Pacts

  • None Listed

Treaties of Amity

  • None Listed

Peace Intelligence and Aid Treaties

  • None Listed

Non-Aggression Pacts

  • None Listed

Treaties of Friendship

  • None Listed


  • None Listed

AllianceStats Statistics as of 1/27/2008

Total Nations 8
Strength 12,414
Avg. Strength 1,773
Nukes 0
Score 0.12
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The Entente of Unity is an independent alliance formed in early February, 2008. It was the result of the merger of Myrmidons Alliance with the United Nations of Digiterra.


Rough BeginningsEdit

Immediately following the declared merger of Myrmidons and the United Nations of Digiterra, several series of unfortunate events followed one another in rapid succession. Pathos, leader of the alliance was first caught in a malicious edit of the Purge Wikia for the sake of humor for his old Purge comrades who had left the alliance. Schloss condemned the action and withdrew their embassy. Pathos took the uncouth route and revoked Purge's right to use their flag, using rhetoric to explain that the symbolism the flag bore could no longer be used by the Purge Imperium. Schloss and Kharn addressed their frustration to this further, and it was finally agreed by both parties they would leave one another alone until it was all water under the bridge.

Perhaps the greatest blow was Pinochet's deletion of his nation for reasons unknown, and The Scholar's lack of involvement in the new alliance. Ultimately it seemed as though the merger was little more than a name change for the Myrmidons alliance.

Furthermore, Pathos sent an invitation to creativedynamo of the GPA Alliance inquiring as to whether he'd be interested in becoming alliance leader, only to find out moments later that he was a prominent member of the GPA, and ranked #37 in Cybernations. Pathos revoked the invitation upon hearing this news and make a quick personal apology. Nathan Hale told Pathos outright that he was going to be the death of the Entente of Unity and urged Pathos for that fifth time that day to join ThunderCox, his own new alliance. Pathos turned it down. With no legitimate government figures in power, and numerous blunders by Pathos to try and improve the strength of the alliance the future of the Entente of Unity seemed grim.

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