The Christian Coalition of Countries and Dunder Mifflin hereby enter into this Mutual Defense Pact.

Text of the TreatyEdit


The Christian Coalition of Countries(hereafter CCC) and Dunder Mifflin (hereafter DM) are confirming the close friendship and mutual respect we have in each other by the signing of this treaty. We will defend without question, aid without pause and stand by each other through thick and thin.

Article I - Non-AggressionEdit

CCC and DM are obligated to desist from any act of violence, aggressive action (including spy attacks), and/or any attack on each other individually or jointly with other powers.

Article II - IntelEdit

CCC and DM, will not spy on each other and will let each other know if anyone has hostile intentions on the other.

Article III - DefenseEdit

CCC and DM recognize that should an armed attack on either party’s nations and/or territories under administrative authority, at the time of the attack, is dangerous to the peace of both alliances. The assisting party will act to meet the common danger in accordance to its charter/constitutional process. Said parties should maintain open communication with one another to decide the best suitable action to take when the defense of one of the parties is in dire need of assistance.

Article IV - AggressionEdit

Whenever any nation, alliance, or union of alliances poses a clear and present danger to the signatories of this pact and is designated a threat by leadership of the signatories, all members of the signatory alliances—unless bound by treaty to non-aggression or neutrality—shall jointly respond. Such response shall only be sufficient to contain and eliminate the perceived threat and deter future threats.

Article V - RatificationEdit

This Treaty shall be ratified by the CCC and DM in accordance with their respective constitutional processes and will come into force when announcements of ratification have been made via public announcement on their respective forums and the Cybernations Forums.

Article VI - CancellationEdit

This pact is considered null and void if it forces the participants into a situation that requires them to defend an ideology that is contrary to the ideology of the participating alliance. Other than the just stated situation, this pact requires 24 hours notice to cancel.


Signed for the Christian Coalition of Countries

  • Sheldomar of Displaced Calvinists - Chancellor of the CCC
  • nate1865 of Manifest Destiny - Vice Chancellor of the CCC
  • KeyStroke of KeysOfHell_n_Death - MoFA of the CCC

Signed for Dunder Mifflin

  • Storm Trooper - Branch Manager
  • Holy See - Sales Manager
  • Duke Drew - Security Guard

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