Democratic Peoples Alliance
Protected By North Star Federation (2nd)
Alliance Flag

The Democratic Peoples Alliance Official Flag.
DPA Motto: Many States, One Union
Team Color Maroon team Maroon
  • Bobithy
  • AllenKalashnikov
  • Vonar
Founded January 21st 2014
Central Committee of the Democratic Peoples Alliance
  • Party Chairman: Bobithy
  • Chairman of the CCS: AllenKalashnikov
  • Commissar of the Interior: Vacant
  • Commissar of Foreign Affairs: Sergei Romanov
  • Commissar of Industry and Trade: Redarmy
  • Marshal of the Crimson Army: Vonar
International relations Protectorate of the North Star Federation

AllianceStats Statistics as of 1/25/2014

Total Nations 6
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 3,036
Nukes 0
Aid Efficiency 0 / 27 (0.00%)
Rank 165
Score 0.26
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Democratic Peoples Alliance (DPA) is a Micro alliance on the Maroon sphere. It was founded on January 21, 2014.


The Democratic Peoples Alliance was founded on the 21st of January in the year of our lord 2014. With the leadership hard at work we are sure this section will become full.

Charter of the Democratic Peoples AllianceEdit


The Democratic Peoples Alliance is being formed as a peace loving, cooperative, union of socialist states with the mission of protecting the membership as a united, cooperative, force and to ensure the economic and political success and development of its member states. The alliance is dedicated to loyalty. "Many States, One Union"


All nations are welcomed to join the Democratic Peoples Alliance. In order to be accepted into the Party Membership a new applicant is required to fill out a membership application form in the New Member Area, and to have it approved by authorized party leadership. Once a state is accepted as a member it will come under the protection of the alliance as well as be bound by all treaties in which the alliance is a member.

Alliance LeadershipEdit

The Democratic Peoples Party is the recognized leading party of the alliance and protector of the rights of member states. The operational government consists of three branches: the Chairman of the Democratic Peoples Party, Democratic Peoples Congress, and the Commissariat.

Chairman of the Democratic Peoples PartyEdit

The Chairman of the Democratic Peoples Party is the founder of the alliance and has the role of Chairman as long as he decides to remain within the alliance. The Chairman of the DPC has the authority to make executive decisions in emergency situations, propose resolutions to the Democratic Peoples Congress, request that actions be taken by the Commissariat, Crimson Army, and Committee for Central Security. He is also the Chairman of the Democratic Peoples Assembly (explained below). He is considered the leader of the alliance and as a result is expected to act on the behalf of the membership of both the Alliance and the Party.

Democratic Peoples CongressEdit

The Democratic Peoples Congress has the role of passing amendments to the constitution, passing new laws and regulations, and approving treaties. In addition they may be asked to discuss and vote on special decisions not listed here. The DPC is made up, initially, of three representatives of equal rank and status. Each seat will be elected every Six months and the first elections will be held in when there are enough members as decided by the government.

All Party Members have the right to run for a seat in the Democratic Peoples Congress given that they are considered in good standing and responsible members of the Alliance and Party.

The Chairman of the DPP has the responsibility of facilitating DPC discussions, announce the agenda for discussion, and facilitate voting block. The Chairman of the DPP may not normally vote in voting bloc, but may vote to break a tie.

Commissariat of the Democratic Peoples AllianceEdit

The Commissariat is responsible for the day to day affairs of the alliance, similar to Ministries in other alliances.

Commissar of Foreign AffairsEdit

The Commissar of Foreign Affairs is the primary contact regarding foreign relations with other alliances and nations. They are the primary contact for all foreign representatives and is the main negotiator for all treaties, agreements, and disagreements between the DPA and foreign alliances and entities.

Commissar of Internal AffairsEdit

The Commissar of Internal Affairs is responsible for recruiting, organizing members, answering questions, educating new members, and setting up mentorships within the alliance.

Commissar of Industry and TradeEdit

The Commissar of Industry and Trade is responsible for organizing and facilitating trade circles and tech deals both internally and with international partners.

Crimson ArmyEdit

The Crimson Army is the defensive force of the Democratic Peoples Alliance. It is commanded by the Marshal of the Crimson Army who has various sub-officers under him: including divisional commanders, sub commanders, training officers, and other positioned deemed necessary. All alliance members are required to be members of the Crimson Army unless given a letter of exception from the Chairman of the DPP. All officers are volunteers.

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