This alliance has disbanded.
Confederation of Independent Nations
COIN Motto: "Our money buys us military, our military buys us other peoples assests."
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founder(s) swastakowey and emphan34
Founded 14th of November 2012
De-facto Leader swastakowey
Head of State emphan34
Leader(s) swastakowey and emphan34
Council Directorate currently number's 2 Councillors
Blue Senate No current senate

AllianceStats Statistics as of 19th November 2012

Total Nations 3
Strength 41,705
Avg. Strength 13,902
Nukes 7
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Confederation of Independent Nations (COIN) was a small alliance on the Blue sphere. It was disbanded on Monday the 10th of June 2013 after the ruling party decided that with little time to spare it would be too difficult to run an alliance properly.


COIN was founded on 14th of November 2012 on the blue team. Shortly after, good relations were formed with TTE and GPF resulting in a protectorate treaty with GPF.


The Charter of the Confederation of Independent Nations outlines the rules, regulations and rights the members of COIN have.

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