The Confederate Unified States
CUS Motto: Info has been lost with time
Team Color Multicolored team Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Commander Cody
Founded Around January 31, 2007
International relations MDP with AU African Union
Notes The CUS offically disbanned before any alliance was able to declare war on it, as it nolonger existed.

AllianceStats Statistics as of 2/5/07

Total Nations 15
Strength 30000
Avg. Strength 3000
Nukes 7
Important Links
  • [None CUS forums]
  • IRC: #CUS

The CUS is an alliance that no longer exists. It was never destroyed, but was disbanned due to outside pressure of unreasonable demands set by alliances not involved in the war that CUS started against another alliance that was more powerful than itself. In addition to this CUS was able to send every member it attacked in the war into anarchy on the first wave without Commander Cody of Tepasi even fighting (He could not fight as no nation was even within his strength range), who just so happened to be the alliances strongest member. Soon after this Oasis declared war on former members of the CUS. As CUS officially disbanned piror to time deadline that Oasis set and prior to Oasis taking any action. Many of the members of the CUS were able to escape from attack by Oasis due to the fact that Commander Cody went on an bazar and wild rant on the Cybernations forum of being God and what not. The nations that were still in conflict were able to transfer Technology and money to friendly nations in peace mode, who held onto the Tech and money so that when CUS players disbanned their nations, they were able to get everything back, espically since the majority of CUS players were brand new players and did not have developed nations at the time.

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