Christian Coalition of Countries
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Flag of the Christian Coalition of Countries

CCC Official Flag

CCC Flag
First CCC Flag
April 2006—October 2007

Second CCC Flag
October 2007—January 2011
CCC Motto:
"Blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.”
– Luke 11:28
Anthem Am I a Soldier of the Cross? Speaker Icon
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founder(s) Curtis Martin : S Baptist Federation
Founded 27 April 2006

High Council

In-Game Owner / Guardian

Blue Senate Sheldomar (Displaced Calvinists)

AllianceStats Statistics as of 14th July 2014

Total Nations 87
Strength 3,523,626
Avg. Strength 40,501
Nukes 625
Score 14.375
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The Christian Coalition of Countries (CCC) is currently the largest and most influential Christian alliance in Cyber Nations. It is a well respected alliance of Christian nations dedicated to mutual defense, maintaining a good witness in the CN world, and promoting the national religion of Christianity. The CCC is made up of an approximately equal mix of Protestant, Catholic, Non-Denominational, and Eastern Orthodox Christian nations. While seeking to remain true to its spiritual roots, the CCC is also striving to reflect the diversity found among those nations who choose to adhere to the National Religion of Christianity.

The Christian Coalition of Countries has historically held to a policy of neutrality in international affairs and politics. However, the CCC has always reserved the right to defend the Christian faith, and to defend fellow Christian nations from the threat of religious persecution and openly anti-Christian oppression.

History of the CCCEdit

The Books of HistoryEdit

CCC Politics Edit

Important Government DocumentsEdit

Government Officials Edit

The Christian Coalition of Countries has a wide-ranging government structure, starting with the five High Council members who are elected quarterly. Three of these (Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, and Defense) have Departments in which they appoint people to fill various roles.

The High Council of the CCC
Branch Office Holder Ruler Name
Executive Chancellor Shergzus Shergzus
Vice Chancellor Llanowar Elf Llanowar Elf
Ministry of Defense Minister legoyboyvlpd legoboyvlpd
Ministry of Internal Affairs Minister lilwierdward lilwierdward
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister Jesusfreak
Ministry of Economics Minister Yeshua Solomon Yeshua Solomon

Foreign RelationsEdit

Main article: Foreign Relations of the Christian Coalition of Countries

The CCC has traditionally held a relatively apolitical and non-aggressive attitude toward foreign affairs. It is well-respected across Planet Bob, and strives to maintain friendly relations with all nations, regardless of political, social, or ideological divisions. Prior to the Unjust War, the CCC acted as if it had an unwritten one-way Non Aggression Pact with the rest of the world, and was in practice an adherent to the Neutral political ideology. However, to preserve its own security, and foster international friendships, the CCC sought out treaties with other alliances - today welcoming diplomats from all corners of Bob.

Military of the CCCEdit

Main article: Military of the Christian Coalition of Countries

The CCC, as reflected by Article I Section III and Article V of the Charter, is an alliance whose wars are almost exclusively defensive. As stated in Article V, aggressive wars require a majority vote in the High Council. Despite this, the CCC has been involved in many campaigns in its history. Most notably the War of the Coalition, Karma War and the Grudge War global conflicts.

War History Edit

War Combatants Outcome Ribbon
War of the Coalition CCC vs. Global Order of Darkness / The Templar Knights White Peace CCCGWVMedal
Karma War CCC vs. TPF / NEW / Terra Prime / 64Digits / Soldier White Peace CCCKarmaMedal
Bipolar War CCC vs. Independent Republic of Orange Nations / FOK White Peace TOP-CG-1
PB-NpO War CCC vs. FOK / Mushroom Kingdom White Peace PB NpO war ribbon Combo
Grudge War CCC vs. Independent Republic of Orange Nations White Peace IronWar2
Dave War CCC vs. ODN White Peace ODN War
Equilibrium War Equilibrium vs. ODN / INT / NG / GOONS White Peace Equilibrium award
Disorder War CCC vs. GATO / ODN / NPO White Peace

Military Awards Edit

Award Narrative Date Issued Ribbon
Valor Awarded for CCC Valor 27 Oct 2013 Base Valor
Military Service Awarded for Service to the CCC 27 Oct 2013 Military Service
Veterans Awards Awarded for Time Served In the Military Command 27 Oct 2013 Veteran Awards
Veterans Awards Bus to Battle Award 14 Nov 2013 Bus to Battle Award

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Flag of the Christian Coalition of Countries Christian Coalition of Countries (Edit) Flag of the Christian Coalition of Countries
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