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Calfornian Republic
National Flag
"Aontacht i saoirse" (Irish)
(English: "Unity in Liberty")
National Anthem
Glorious California
California (orthographic)
Capital Sacramento
Largest City Drogheda
Official Languages Irish and English
Recognized Languages Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), German, and Portuguese
Demonym Californian, American, or Tahoean (Irish only)
Government Constitutional Republic
President Colin Farren
Vice President Edward Coleain
House of Commons Speaker Llyodd McIervy
Chief Justice Tyler Kelliger
Legislature Grand Assembly
Upper House Assembly of States
Lower House House of Commons
Major Religions Catholicism
National Animal Golden Eagle
- Founding of San Francisco Mission
- US annexation of California
- Independence Day
- Collapse of Tahoe Republic
- Founding of California Republic

28 March 1776
2 February 1848
1 May 1867
25 Sept. 2010
2 October 2040
Total Area 406,425 m²
Total Population
- National Ethnicity
35% Irish
15% Portuguese
12% Mexican/American
10% Scottish
10% Canadian
8% German
5% Chinese
3% Scandinavian
2% other
Diplomatic Relations Canada (Protectorate) UFE (MDoAP)
Currency Californian Sterling Pound (CSP)
Literacy Rate 83.86%
Internet TLD .cal
Driving Lane Right
Date Format yyyy/mm/dd
Time Zone UTC -8 and UTC -7

The Californian Republic is a constitutional republic; its capital city being Sacramento of the Pacific Coast state of California, named after it's nation.

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